July 8, 2010

On a very serious note...

Remember when I mentioned that I joined Facebook and was flying my "freak flag"?

I have unearthed a population there that is best left to rot. Not all of them, obviously -- not even the majority. But the few that brag about child abuse and spread child pornography make my skin crawl. There is a thick line between age-play and sexually abusing a child. I have enough intelligence to discern the difference and these deplorable men and women have the nerve to cross the line and then brag about it.

So what can we do as responsible members of society? We have an obligation to report suspected abuse. We must. We cannot employ a "to each his own" mentality regarding this.

I'm not sure how effective this is, or if it just makes me feel better, but I am anonymously reporting those vile online slugs to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I suggest that if you run across pedophiles and abusers, you do the same.. Even if it helps only one child. Even if we can't make a dent. This cannot be ignored.

If anyone has further suggestions for fighting this atrocity, please email me or post in the comments.

Thank you, and now back to the show.


  1. Well said, Ms. Pink.

    Being a spanko MUST mean being sane, safe and consensual. Consent is not possible with children. Abusing kids is not sane. And it is not safe to talk about abusing your kids or someone else's kids, or to have images of obviously exploited minors. Child discipline should never be used to satisfy someone's sexual interest.

    We must report these bastards to protect kids but also to protect the integrity of our loving kinky community.

  2. Agreed.

    Site admin should be notified too. Hopefully an IP of the original poster could be traced.

  3. Hey good job! The creepo has disappeared from your FB page and he is not even searchable anymore. So either FB deleted him, he deleted himself, or he blocked us.

  4. Good for you BP :)


  5. Good for you in reporting them. This is supposed to be for consenting adults. Children should never be involved.


  6. Thanks everyone. Every tiny bit, as ineffectual as it may seem, helps.


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