July 9, 2010

In the pink

"I read your last blog entry about not being spanked."

"Oh? And what did you think about that?" I asked.

"I think as soon as we're done eating, you're going to get a spanking," he said in that blunt way that makes me wet.

"Because I'm so spoiled?" I returned with a wink.

"No. Because I am," he said, laughing.

And then we, the two spoiled lovers, retreated to the comfort of his bedroom where the dry spell was doused with the liberal application of hand and strap until my bottom was returned to its best shade of pink.

(Photo found on Doonstar.)


  1. *deep sigh*

    So nice. So lucky.

    Spoiled brats! :p

  2. Since using your submission is pampering to your indulgences, we'll enjoy spoiling each other over and over.


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