July 24, 2010

Minding her manners

Knees together and bend. Her mother taught her well.


  1. you find some delightful images!
    thats a great picture, and brings to mind such wonderful thoughts as well.
    I hope you're enjoying your vacation.


  2. MERCY! Those hose are soooo sexy hot!

    I need them, I must have them.


  3. This totally makes the woman's flower into a...well, flower! The way the lines draw the eye to her wet spot is fantastic. We are not so different than insects and birds with petals - we like directions!

  4. Collar: Thanks for your well wishes! And, yes, we had a super weekend. :)

    Hedone: I know! If I find them for sale, I'll send you a link. Promise.

    Anony: And we SOMETIMES like to follow those directions.


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