July 11, 2010

DIY Strap

A few years ago, my father came, unannounced, to my house while an ex and I were in the middle of "fun with a belt". The blinds were open to the living room and, to this day, I'm unsure of what, if anything, he saw. The looks on our faces once we finally dressed and opened the door might have tipped him off to our hanky panky (if not spanky).

Yes, that was a bad surprise.

Usually, though, I love surprises. I especially love it when someone has secretly planned something with my guaranteed pleasure in mind.

My latest? A hand-crafted strap with a beautiful thud and wonderful crack that left me warm for days. The strap itself is a much appreciated addition to our toy box; however, in this case it truly is "the thought that counts".

I like to imagine my Dom perusing the material aisle in the tack shop with my bottom in mind, looking for just the right length of leather, doubling the saddle strap and feeling its weight against his hand. I imagine the materials he disregarded in favor of the 3 feet of heavy leather that would eventually be made into an object of pleasure and an instrument of delicious pain. And then I picture the purchase and subsequent project in his workroom, his head bent in concentration, his mind wandering to its future use. I love imagining his consideration of the perfect moment for the unveil, which happened to be while I was bent over the bed, bottom pink and ready from his handiwork, wondering what he was selecting from his secret closet.

And then...surprise! There it was: a strap fashioned from doubled-over leather clamped onto a padded handle. His "handiwork" continued, each thuddy thwack followed by an exhaled breath, an "ooh" and "aah", my fingers tightly gripping the sheets as I held on and yearned for more.

The handle still has the on/off switch, a testament to its former life as a light. I flicked that switch, somewhat expecting to see the leather begin its swish through the air in search of a bottom, giving new meaning to "DIY". Alas, this strap, while deluxe and of high quality, is not equipped to spank without an operator. But you know? The beauty is in the operator.

Yes, surprises can be a very good thing.


  1. It's a challenge to find toys that fit my XL hands. The joining of stiff leather strap for you with man-sized padded handle for me proved to be a winning combination

    You should post a picture of the winning combination this toy created: The lovely marks it created on your cheeks along with that smile on your lovely face!

    As for the switch, it's always in the "ON" position.

  2. How about an in-person viewing as opposed to a public exhibition? You know how shy I am. ;)

  3. pink...i agree..you should post a picture of the pretty marks that handsome strap leaves on your bottom...i vote "yes"


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