July 17, 2010

Destination Calabria

Enjoy this musical intermission from Alex Gaudino featuring Christal Waters. I'm sure you'll understand why I'm entranced (i.e. the flirtatiously yummy booty-smacking around the 2 minute mark).

Thank you to the talented spanking author Alex Bernaise for sending me the link.


  1. It's a commercial break! Very cute sassy video, reminds me of that singer....what's her name? la la la, la la la la la, la la la, ....Kylie Monogue. And a bit of Robert Palmer videos.

  2. Anony: I, too, was reminded of Robert Palmer's video, "Simply Irresistible". This is the butt-lovers' version. :)

    And, yes, it served as a commercial break (mostly for myself!)...

    Bonnie-jo: Thank you! As if I needed another reason to dance in my living room...

  3. I rather enjoyed the polishing the trumpet myself ;)

  4. Hedone: Inspired technique, no?


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