July 16, 2010

And the winner is...(The anticipation, 1/3)

I am presenting the details of Spankfest 2010 in several posts. Second part to follow later this weekend.

You know how sometimes the anticipation of an event is far better than the event itself?

This is not one of those times.

Yesterday started off as most any other, except the central thought as I went about my routine of living was, "spank!". So again, not much different from normal, but today these thoughts had an undeniable question mark. What will it be like to watch another woman over my Dom's knee? How will it feel to have her watch me?

Selecting what to wear was a challenging endeavor. We had agreed to be comfortable, with both of us in jeans. But, having many panties to choose from, I opted to, at the last minute, purchase a pair in argyle that matched the button-down, transparent shirt I'd be wearing over a tank top. (I know, tedious details, but you must understand how absolutely nervous I was. Instead of eating my fingers, which would have been my sole nutrition as I could not eat anything, I occupied my afternoon with selecting the most perfect outfit. I can be, after all, quite girlie in these matters.)

Suitably attired in tight jeans over fishnets and the aforementioned breezy and cleavage-revealing shirt, I quickly packed a few implements that would be used in our game of Round Robin in addition to those that D has in his collection.

My nervous excitement only increased as I drove to pick up Rayne, the fabulously intriguing author of Mischief Managed and my soon-to-be lovely cohort, on the way to D's house.

Ringing the doorbell, I took a deep breath. This was a date like no other, and I didn't even bring flowers. For shame.

Rayne answered the door and seeing her immediately put me at ease. I remembered why she was the perfect partner for this experience. Her deep and obvious intelligence is tempered by a quiet charm and mannerisms that would calm even the most sweaty-palmed, would-be heart attack victim, such as I was in the moments before she opened the door. And, not hurting her cause in the least, Rayne has a supremely spankable bottom. (How could that go unnoticed by a self-respecting spanko who admittedly loves the female bum?)

We were on our way.

Up next: your daring heroine and Rayne get a thorough warm-up over the knees of the "Designated Dom" affectionately known as "D".


  1. Doubled my pleasure, doubled my fun! I played some Round Robin with a pair of nice buns!

    Of belts and straps and paddles and crops, the use of my hand was the 'toy' that was tops.

  2. Goodness, Barely, I'm blushing already :D Thank you for the kind words :) It was truly a pleasure to have this experience with you -- you made me comfortable from the beginning and, as I will elaborate soon, helped me tremendously through some of the tougher spots :D

    @Command - I liked your hand, too :)

  3. Part one....wonderful intro and build up to the second part. I can very much see why Rayne would be blushing already :) Sounds like a successful meeting! I love the drawings too, the images are perfect.


  4. This post is perfect...the art very fitting. Command's comments funny, too.


  5. Command: Your "hand" should be called a "flesh paddle" instead. I love a man with a firm hand and yours is my favorite implement.

    Rayne: I love it when you blush.

    FH: I think those drawings were from your collection. Thanks for sharing (again)!

    Hedone: Thank you! And D, aka Command, is as good with his words as he is with his toys.


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