November 11, 2010

Comparatively speaking

Of course I know what my butt looks like. I check it out in the mirror more often than I'll admit; I take photos of it in all of its varying shades of before and after. But because I refuse to watch the videos of me being spanked, I have no idea how my bottom and its reactions differ from those I see in online clips.

So I've been sending D examples of bottoms in the line of duty, asking him, "Does it look like this?" The answer is always no: too round, too flat, too square, too skinny, too big. Why don't I just watch our video and have my answer? I can't do that. I can't even listen to the audio from LOL day without extreme mortification and self-criticism.

And then, finally, there was this clip.

Bingo. While obviously not exact, he finally said it reminded him of me. (Maybe he's just trying to shut me up.) I do see the similarities -- the fullness, the quick color that blooms on her cheeks, the bounce and jiggle. It's sexy how her bottom moves under his hand.

Perhaps I'm ready to watch our video now?

Video also found here, uploaded by crohamhurst.


  1. Filming myself is something I've always wanted to do... but once I finally get around to doing it, it will probably take me a long time to watch the video as well.. and when it happens, I will definitely be alone!

  2. Great spanking, I loved it. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. yeah, this reminds me of my girl and I right now. Love this vid....
    .. i just purchased a new camera
    she wants to start doing videos of us

  4. Ida, yes...filming it is hard, watching it is even harder!

    Anony, thanks!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Veronica! xoxo back at ya.

    B'man, I love this couple. His accent certainly doesn't hurt!

    Ithealthy, welcome! Oh, you two will have lots of fun! Can we expect to see some of your work on spankingtube? ;)

  5. looks like Pink's bottom would be "PMP Approved" ;)

  6. Don't be too self critical. If your bottom looks remotely like the one in the video you have nothing to be ashamed of. I've been lucky enough to give some spankings to some big girls and not very big girls and I loved my experiences with all of them!

  7. This is why I can't not watch a spanking. It's just too pretty a sight.

  8. PMP, I'd wear that approval have excellent taste in bottoms. Perhaps some day I will be brave enough to not only post a pic of my bottom, but identify it as such! :)

    Anony, I actually love, love my bottom. I really do. How could I not, with all the pleasure it brings me? But seeing myself on film, that is a whole other issue.

    Brett, I'm right there with you. I don't understand how someone can miss the beauty of that. I try to avoid spankingtube as I find whole chunks of afternoons zoom by with little to show for my efforts.

  9. Pink, congratulations on this post being Chrossed. Great job. You must now do the Chrossed Celebration Dance, you know, the dance in the clip cj posted on "Blossom And Thorn." If you ever do watch your own video, and I hope you do, we would all like to hear about your experience. Again, big huge congratulations. :)

  10. I stinkin' love this clip and have for a good while. I have it saved on spankingtube and everything. :) I had no idea your bottom was similar. Me thinks you must have an amazing one then.

  11. Michael, thanks! I was doing the Chross dance along with you and Season. I'll be sure to share my impressions if I watch the video -- hasn't happened yet! ;)

    Bonnie-jo, I love this couple! I only hope D was serious when he said that she reminded him of me. We'll see.... :)

    Oliver, I love it too...and welcome to my blog!

  12. You are much braver than me, in actual fact, you are in front of the queue, I am not there at all!
    If you look carefully, it is me running over the distant hills, clutching burning, red, stinging bottom...
    I have seen photos of my bottom afterwards, and that was only at a quick glance!
    Maybe one day.....

  13. Ha, I was there once, too, Raven. It wasn't until fairly recently (late last year) that I began peddling my booty out for men I'd never met. And then it was, "Haha, I'm showing my butt again," coupled with that tingly knowledge that I was doing something sort of scandalous.

    D often takes photos of my bottom after a vigorous play session. And he does it like a man -- with no care for lighting or angles or what else might be showing, and only one shot.

    Someday I want to go to one of those fantastically trashy boudoir photo centers and slut it up for the cameras. (And then keep the photos sealed in a manila envelope until I'm old and saggy and able to truly appreciate the location of my tits and bum!)


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