November 12, 2010

On being a smart girl

No matter how smart a girl is, or how wisely she negotiates, she's going to find herself over his knee before the end of the day.

She can use logic and reason, mathematical equations, a persuasive speech, but it is an eventuality, like growing older, that must not be avoided but rather approached with grace and acceptance. She will be spanked.

So she does what any smart girl does: she makes it worse for herself.

She pokes and prods him, criticizes his word choice, allows a defiant tone to edge its way into dinner, as if the guarantee of the looming deed were not enough. She does not need to stick out her tongue, that would be taking it too far, much too obvious for a smart girl. She does, however do everything in her power to ensure that she will not only be spanked, but that she will feel it.

After all, a smart girl knows that if something's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

Second photo from Spank Amber. Other sources unknown.


  1. the best spanking i ever had was after i was smart mouthing all day then showed him the middle finger just as I walked away oh boy did that " up yours " gesture do the trick lol x

  2. You're a very, very smart girl, Catabella. ;)

  3. Great photos, Pink, and while sometimes I use the phrase to a girl "You are too smart for your own good." I also know they are exactly as smart as they need to be which usually leaves me in the dust. But it all ends well as the inevitable spanking is always the result, and we would both have it no other way though my Season would never admit that. :)

  4. I love the phrase, "too smart for your britches", which I often am. Someone that smart deserves to have those britches removed!

    Season is a fantastically smart girl, too. Admitting one's strategy is sometimes tantamount to defeat -- and we know that the imp always wins. ;)

  5. Hehe. This reminds me of when I was young and people told me I was being a smart aleck. I honestly had no clue what they meant and got in trouble when I asked! These days, of course... I love it when I'm too smart for my britches ;-)

  6. Ahem...all of the above.

    I also like the term "smarty pants": and yes those are the sorts of pants that need to be removed.

    Kirsten Ellison
    BA(Hons), M.Teach, OTK

  7. Love it! Yes, poking at someone's diction is a sure way of earning comeuppance. The photos are great. If only the glasses on the top one were on the redhead with the hairbrush...mmmm.

  8. I've only recently come across your blog. I don't know why it's taken me this long to find it because it's pretty funny.

    Anyhoo, I've been known to make a sassy remark or two... or three... or ten. Although, even if I've made it worse for myself, I don't think I've ever really regretted it. ;)

  9. Pink, I've been known to be a little smart before a spanking. But my downfall has always been that I'm sometimes unable to stop *after*!

  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pink! And for the great laugh - great post!

  11. Apologies for the late response -- I've been away with D this weekend. Fun times! :)

    Ida, being a smart aleck is too much fun to avoid, britches or no!

    Look at all of your certifications, Miss Smarty Pants Kirsten. :) Those pants definitely need to come off!

    Dioneo, redheads in glasses are a particular thing for me, too. Incidentally, I just colored my hair reddish...and I'm wearing glasses. :)

    Beth, I'm so happy you found my blog, late or no. :) Although, it's hard to regret something that lands you in to our brand of hot water, it is best to at least pretend to feel remorse. (Until next time at least.)

    Em, see above comment. It is way too much fun, and often far too easy, to make smart remarks. Sometimes, even when not saying a thing, I get in trouble for what I am clearly thinking. One cannot win -- so better to let the remarks fly!

    Season, thanks! Although perhaps it'd have been better to pretend defeat. Not sure.

    Viola, I noticed you're moving...I'll update my blogroll. Hope you enjoy your new digs! :)

  12. Miss Pink,

    LOL! My being smart has had me classed as a genius at times, but then it does not take a genius to figure out what happened next...or to my newfound IQ status being reduced back to what it is suppose to be!



  13. Raven...yeah, I totally get what you're saying.

    Mensa this! *Thwack*Thwack*



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