November 19, 2010

Naughty nooner and an interview

Somebody is here right now. He's sitting at my dining room table, working. Soon we will pick up where we left off at lunchtime.

Working remotely is awesome, no?

So, while D & I get in our rare weekday time together, why don't you go over to The Cognitive Slut, a fantastic blog that explores all things sex, and read the interview that she generously gave me? There's even a glimpse of what I look like. (Or at least a peek at my lips.)

While you're there check out her other posts, too -- her Halloween costume post is hysterical.


  1. Yes, quite a peek at your (Dare I say it?) sexy (Yes, I think I shall) lips. :)
    Thanks again for doing it Miss Pink. You've already got some love over there.
    It seems they like you! They really like you!

    And as always...I do too. =)

  2. Just read your wonderful interview and left a comment, Pink. I actually came across it before I checked here when I found it as a link posted by Karl in the WebWatch section of Chross' Spanking Scouts message board. I didn't realize those were your lips, and I went back and had anther peek. Lovely luscious lips if you don't mind me saying.

    Nakedjaebird, you did a marvelous job with the interview. First rate. I also looked at your Halloween post like Pink suggested and you had me rolling on the floor. Great stuff!

  3. The photo above is so so so so sexy. She has a cute little body.

    Okay...gone to check you at the Cognitive Slut.


  4. That was a very revealing interview. I might never have known you had a thing against noses, or that you found the world's first tasteful cannibal-play site. :) Seriously, though, I liked your answers. Well done, and thanks, Nakedjaebird.

  5. Thanks all, and to you especially Pink. You did an amazing job. I wonder if I will be able to top it or even come close with my next Bedroom Blog Feature....

  6. Thanks so much for that opportunity, Jae!

    I am fortunate that, out of the many blogs to pick from, Jae asked me to do this interview. That fortune continues with the high quality readers who continue to read here and support me.

    I am overcome with gratitude. Thank you.



  7. Wonderful interview Pink. Nakedjaebird you did a marvellous job, thanks.


  8. Love this photo. Delicious!



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