September 28, 2010

Paying for it

"There are no good girls gone wrong,
just bad girls found out."

-Mae West

I'm not used to people catching on. I'm used to getting away with it.

Perhaps it is my innocent appearance -- wide blue eyes, cherubic cheeks framed in blonde curls, my tendency toward blushing -- but I was never suspected of wrongdoing by authority figures.

For an entire month as a senior in high school, I fabricated an excuse to leave English class mid-way through so I could sit in the parking lot and smoke. No note was needed; the strength of my pristine reputation was enough.

I never once had detention. And despite my propensity for turning in late papers, I never received a poor mark in any class.

No, I was not suspected of any wrongdoing until now. My past years of skating under authority's radar, blinking my eyes in feigned innocence, my face wearing the "who me?" expression, are over. He knows exactly who I am.

When he tells me to lower my panties, he needs no reason. But sometimes I guess I do. Perhaps that's why, when I'm over his knee, my mind flashes back to the wealth of past, unaccounted-for offenses. I've not told him this yet. He hasn't added up the penalties and interest.

But I have:

Twenty-five separate spankings for that month in senior year that I skipped class. Forty-seven spankings for being tardy to Accounting. Thirty-eight spankings for stealing rolls of toilet paper from the dorms when I lived in off-campus housing and money was tight. One hundred fifty-six spankings for the entire semester of Philosophy that I missed while still managing an "A". Ka-ching, ka-ching -- the list goes on.

I continue to add to it, earning spankings for being ornery, disobedient and bossy.

It is a 30-year mortgage that I pay off weekly. Neither those who have tolerated my misbehavior nor my disciplinarian are aware of the deposits. But given that the payments are so delicious, perhaps I should have incurred more naughty debt in my youth?

This week's payment is late. I'm looking forward to paying that off with interest. Maybe it's time to let him know about the secret bank account.


  1. Mmm, Miss Pink, this is a hot guilty fantasy! Much better than chocolate!

    I wonder if your Dom will make you itemize now. Gosh, I'm jealous!

    I never got away with ANYTHING at school, but still, I was never spanked for it! How I wish someone had turned me over their knee rather than just taking off marks or losing faith in me.

    You were lucky to get away with it and you're luckier still to pay it off now. Some girls have all the luck, some girls have all the pain...

  2. LOL - I stole toilet paper too, from the bathrooms in the buildings on campus. Only the almost-finished rolls, though, because you had to squeeze the roll to get it off the holder.



  3. Pink, just because I don't need a reason to order your panties down doesn't mean I will ignore one that lands (you) in my lap!

  4. That was sublimely great, what you wrote.

  5. fun erotic post... Makes me want to be a teacher and spank away such behavior. but, with you,this would simply elicit more behavior that requires a spanking. A teacher can never win. Then again, spanking should only be for adults. Thanks again for a erotic post.

  6. Anony 1: I wouldn't put itemizing past him, especially now that you've introduced the idea. Blast you! ;) Nice Rod Stewart reference, too. Although I don't imagine Mr. Stewart was suggesting that some guys have all the luck AND pain simultaneously. That song needs to be revised. Thanks for your comment!

    Hermione: I had all of the master keys for every dorm room and utility closet on the whole campus. The method I received the keys is somewhat nefarious too. (Oops.) I stole toilet paper fresh out of the packaging, but your method has much appeal. I'll have to keep it in mind the next time I'm in a tight spot!

    D: You are opportunistic in your spanking pursuits, a trait I would never fault you for. :) I fully expect you to take me to task should any reason come to your attention (see above). Or for no reason at all, Sir.

    Anony 2: Thank you and welcome to my blog! :)

    Red: This sounds like a perfect excuse for a teacher-student roleplay in the very near future. :) And thank you for your comment!

  7. This is fabulous- you sound just like me and I am all in a whirl thinking about the implications of back pay.

    Blimey. I must keep Himself away from here. Shudder.

  8. Back pay is a dangerous can of worms. Even writing about past offenses has D thinking that I, perhaps, need more time staring at the carpet and contemplating my misdeeds.

    Dangerous, indeed.

    Thanks, Poppy!

  9. This is spectacular. *grin* Um, also, can I have lessons? You've got mad skills, girl. You make me want to be so naughty..perhaps you're a bad influence ;)


  10. Me? A bad influence? No way, I am the quintessential good girl, Celine. Well except for when I am bad of course. ;)

  11. My ,that was a sexy , red hot post! You seem to have had a charmed life in school. I never had the paddle or strap in school ,but I had detentions . Hard to hide these from parents every time and they knew exactly what a naugty girl needed! OUCH ! Kay

  12. Hi, Kay! I did have a charmed life in school. One could say that even though I'm "paying for it" now, that I still lead a charmed life. I can only imagine how much a detention followed by a spanking would suck. It seems like really one or the other would suffice! :) Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog!


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