September 13, 2010

In position

"Arms straight out. Keep them there!" he reminds me, punctuating his last words with a heavy thwap of the paddle.

I reach my arms out and wind my hands in the comforter, improvising a restraint since I can't seem to manage the position on my own.

Once upon a time I could lie still and give only the faintest indication that the spanking was having an impact. That time has passed. For some reason, whether he has become more forceful in his administration or my tolerance has decreased or I am more comfortable with showing my reactions, I now have a hard time staying in place.

This is, of course, met with disdain as all good girls know that holding the position is of the utmost importance.

I want to be a good girl. I really do. But I just can't seem to manage it. Before I'm even aware, my hands are sneaking back, my legs are straightening of their own volition. My body is saying, "no more!", while my mind screams, "behave!"

I tell my hands to obey but they are stubborn. I tell my hips to press against the pillow but they'd prefer to rise and revolt. It would seem I have no control over my own body parts.

I don't think he expects my legs to stay firmly on the floor; he can't expect that I will stay entirely still. But when my body twists away from his hand or paddle or strap, when my hands sneak back to offer protection, that is when I get the verbal, and then physical, reminder to stay in position.

And even though his voice, dressed in stern disdain, denies it, I know that he secretly enjoys this dance I perform for him. It does, after all, give him even more reason to spank me longer, harder, more thoroughly.

As if he needs an excuse.


  1. Yes, I expect you to STAY in position. I don't want to leave marks in the wrong spot because you moved at the wrong moment.

    No, I don't NEED an excuse to spank you but correction WILL be delivered immediately. I will make you keenly aware of the line between fun-ishment and punishment.

    As for enjoying it, I DO appreciate the way you dance to my beat! You'll be rocking when I get rolling.

  2. Too is sooo hard to be still.and too rewarding to wiggle just a bit...........;)

  3. Pink: movement just shows how effective your partner is being when spanking you. I think it also allows a person being spanked to let their emotions take-over more fully, instead of their inhibitions! The spanker appreciates both.

  4. D: Yes, Sir. I won't, Sir. Sorry, Sir. Whatever you say I will do, Sir.

    My goodness, you have a knack for getting the most obedient responses out of me.

    HMG: You're right, and no matter how hard I try, I will still wiggle. Obediently wiggle, of course.

    Redxxx: Hey, nice to meet you! I agree completely with both things you said. Part of being comfortable with him is allowing myself to feel everything, including mild panic, with him. It heightens the whole experience for both people. Thanks for commenting and welcome! :)

  5. I hate it when they do that in films, but I guess in real life it's different. Maybe I should re-think my feelings about the films?
    Nice post.
    Thanks, Pink

  6. I don't films it is a bit distracting -- I might agree with you there. Interesting question though...perhaps a little struggle in clips wouldn't be bad?

    Thanks, BT!

  7. Interesting that you used to be able to hold the positions, and now you can't as well as you used to. I've felt this too. I think it's part of the "I'm tough" facade starting to break down...Or maybe it's that you aren't high on the "I don't know what he's going to do next" adrenaline...hmm....

  8. Bonnie-jo: I think you may have it. Part of the wall I built was a tough act. There's no need for acting anymore. It's comforting to know you've experienced this as well!


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