September 27, 2010

Warning: spanking may lead to...

I spend a lot of time discussing the virtues of spanking but haven't described the pitfalls. So what kind of hidden dangers are we looking at?

  1. Blindness;

  2. A knowing look from the Fed-Ex delivery man;

  3. Blog-writing;

  4. The annoying habit of confessing all of your misdeeds, even when not asked;

  5. A vocabulary riddled with acronyms: DD, D/s, HOH, OTK, BDSM;

  6. The sudden urge to eat an apple;

  7. "

  8. Purchasing belts that are way too big for your waist and that you'd never wear in public;

  9. Uncontrolled blushing at the oft used phrase "spanking new";

  10. Sentimental attachment to your furniture and other inexplicable objects. "That couch? Sure it's old and ratty, but I can't *bare* to part with it.";

  11. Difficulty in explaining why the forearms and hands of a man are the first things you notice;

  12. A new paint job for all of the corners in your house;

  13. Friends mistaking you for a grand cook due to your extensive kitchen implement collection;

  14. The irrepressible and narcissistic need to look at your butt in every mirror you pass;

  15. The loss of a perfectly good bike to further your spanking endeavors.

Don't say you haven't been warned about these very serious, very real side-effects.


  1. lol... that's great. I love it :D

  2. Hi Pink,

    Let's not forget that difficult to conceal cringe upon sitting. I've nearly outed myself more than once that way!


  3. Breanna: Glad you enjoyed it! Can you relate?

    Bonnie: Great point..."table for two, but one chair please" is difficult to explain! ;)

  4. Pink, this is a good public service announcement! In times like this it's easy for things to get out of hand, so your warning is spot on. (Like the picture on point #11)

  5. D, you know me, ever the good-doing girl.

    Please remember that.

  6. Oh man, you're cracking me up! Some of these are more true than I'd like to admit...*sheepish grin*

  7. Ha Ha! Very funny! Definitely know about nos 2 and 3... Although it was the postman, but *cough*, bless Royal Mail, he blushed like a proper Brit and kept a poker-straight face! :)

  8. Celine, and there are so many more side effects to spanking that I thought of after I posted this (and one that Bonnie added). Are we sure this is what we want? (ABSOLUTELY!) :)

    Tenth Muse Top, glad you found your way here! I love your blog! You Brits are so proper. Here we get winks and raised eyebrows, which leads to the recipient blushing and fidgeting. ;)

  9. LOL! Backatcha - this is a fun (and favourite) place to visit. Thanks for the welcome!


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