September 3, 2010

The things on my computer

I'm turning pink already.

When I take my computer in for repair later today, what will the Geek Squad find? I shudder at the education they will receive. I have so much incriminating evidence of my kink and I just don't have the time or skills to clean it up.

Maybe this stuff can be explained.

Perhaps this photo:

is confirmation of my devout Catholic background. Couldn't it be a tale of redemption?

And this:

is just artistic, right? Couldn't I be a student of photography? That's innocent enough.

They'd see that I like biking:

even when I haven't a stitch to wear. A girl can't be faulted for dedication, can she?

But this might be harder to explain:

...umm. A strange medical condition?

But then there's this:

I really don't know what else that could be except for a naughty girl getting spanked.

And then there's all the other stuff -- the videos and chat archives and browsing history and half-finished stories with my name all over them. By the end of the day, I'm sure my secret will be out among the techs at Best Buy. Can you imagine going back to pick up your computer after that reveal?

You know what? It's time for a new laptop.


  1. Perhaps you sat on a grille?
    Measuring for a toilet seat?

  2. That's right. Just throw the laptop away.

    Your problem is something I've often wondered about. I would hate to take my machine to the computer-fixers, so I try my best to solve my own problems.


  3. I like the girl on the bike--nice legs and bum.


    Well Miss Pink, I have just been through this. Let's just say I can no longer shop at the closest office supply store. The boys (the techs all in their early 20s) were very nice and talkative when I went to pick up my laptop after having all the data retrieved from the hard drive and put onto a flash drive. I waited one hour in that flippin' store because the tech forgot to grab my mozilla bookmarks AND he kept running off to do other things. The other techs came by and chatted me up. They had my computer overnight although it was supposed to be returned to me in 2 - 3 hours the day I took it in. What was on my computer? Lots of erotic and nude photos depicting spanking, bondage, D/s type photos, adult nursing/breastfeeding between men and women, and just women (so hot!), a few nudes of me from a photo shoot, my journal about my D/s journey, and some photos of various men I've dated. Yes, the techies got an eye full :-)


    Oh they also know about my blog as it is archived on my hard drive.

    If you're following me techies at Staples "Hiiii!" *waves wildly*

    (I guess this would be better posted on my own blog, eh?)

  4. Ha! I like bumticklers explanation. :D


  5. Too funny!...yeah just buy a new laptop!...
    by the way picture number 2 is HOT! oh my.
    You know how we have instructions for family members if something should happen to us?(get hit by a bus or something like that)mine include tossing my laptop over a bridge..don't look at anything just toss it.LOL

  6. BT: There's a sandwich shop here whose logo is "We like our buns grilled, not toasted." I will now forever conjure this photo when I read that logo. :)

    Hermione: It's a shame when naughty porn happens to good computers, isn't it?

    Hedone: I would have burst into flames. So, how many of them asked for your number? ;)

    HMG: Yes, add "toss that bag in the armoire into the fireplace, do NOT open it!" Oh...and my video collection, too. Oh, and the vibrator under my bed. And the one in my sock drawer. And the...forget it. I'd be screwed if I were dead.

  7. Actually, the dead post is not a bad idea. What gets exposed after death? Sounds morose, except it could be rather kinky! ;) As for the computer, pick a store far from your house that you don't normally use.

  8. hehe.....though I don't think the Best Buy folks would have the time to look through your pervy browsing archives and what-not..unless they are really bored and maybe they are spankos too? who knows :-)

  9. Anony: Actually, it's not a bad idea at all. Perhaps a "Things they will find when I'm dead" post will be forthcoming!

    Dave: Hello and welcome! (I love your blog and I swear the similarity in titles, "The Cherry Red Report" and "The Pink Report", was quite by accident!) You are probably correct. Although, I did clean up my desktop so there was not an obvious invitation to investigate further.


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