September 15, 2010


She will tease you. She will pretend that the things you say shock her, and some of them do. She will pretend not to notice that so much of her bottom shows when she wears her favorite panties and walks around doing household stuff, adding extra bends and shimmies because that makes stuff cleaner -- don't you know that?

"My bottom?" She will ask, eyes wide and unbelieving. "You want to spank me on my bottom?"

And, because you know her so well, you know that she wants that, too. Although your move will eventually be made, you choose to keep her in suspense until you've judged the perfect time; her shock is not feigned as you steer her toward the kitchen table, grasp a handful of hair near the scalp and, with your free hand, move her panties out of the way to cup and smack the cheeks she's teased you with.

You take her pleas and replace them with moans. No longer pretending indignance, she will rise on her toes to push against the denim of your hips, chafing her smooth bottom as she moves around and around against you, finally asking for it.


  1. That is hotness defined. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Isn't that a lovely photo? She seems so coy, yet knowing. I wonder how often we wear expressions like that?

  3. "That is hotness defined."


  4. hot photo, great commentary...Red

  5. Hedone and Red: I saw this photo and fell in love.


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