September 12, 2010

Blonde in Black Silk

Link: Blonde In Black Silk (1966)

Here's a little clip from a 1979 adult film called, "Blonde in Black Silk". Mr. Dinkfield (Eric Edwards) spanks Bridget (Arcadia Lake) in order for her to avoid expulsion. I particularly like the "Beat the British" poster that is randomly interjected into the spanking scene; Arcadia is decidedly un-British so I'm not sure of the relevance aside from the obvious "beat" reference.

He says he must spank her "very, very hard" because she was "very, very bad". (The only crime I really see is the thin script.) I think he got a little distracted once she was over his knee because he was less than thorough.

Normal posts should resume tonight. I've been preoccupied with equally fun, yet vanilla, endeavors this weekend.

Note: The video says 1966, but IMDB says this movie was made in 1979 with a release date of 1981.


  1. HOT! Seriously, HOT! Yes, they might have used a British actress, but this one had such a lovely ass and a cute face and sweet voice. And the acting was over-the-top but electric. I agree, though, the spanking should have been more thorough! Where is round 2? As for the inserted protest sign, it wasn't relevant, but it was rather cheeky. ;)

  2. This is a favourite clip of mine, not for the spanking itself but the build up of tension between the two of them before it happens. I mentioned it in a very early post of mine "The perfect spanking"(With hindsight, much too wordy, but I'm learning!)If you go back to early June you can find it.

    Elizabeth (Sexuelle)

  3. Anony: What's a spanking without some sort of cheekiness, right? However, a little pink in her cheeks wouldn't have hurt (anyone but her at least). Thanks for your comment!

    Elizabeth: Well, I found the post you are referring to. And you are right about some things: the interplay between the two of them perfectly exemplifies a proper "spanking-or-else-demise" scene, which I am a big fan of as well. You are wrong about the wordiness of the post.

    If you dig up a copy of the film, be sure to let me know where you found it. I'd be interested to see all of the eroticism discussed in the reviews as well.

    Thanks for your comment!


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