September 2, 2010


"And tomorrow if you're not kneeling at the door with your knees apart and your naked pussy on display, I will casually drag you out the door and spank you in the driveway.

I'm going to touch you and probe you before I spank you. Then I'm going to probe you again."

This is why I'm addicted.

And he means the bit about the driveway.


  1. Um, wow. I'm jealous. Sooo hot. I'd be addicted too. ;)

  2. ah you lucky are you going to take your spanking inside ...or out in the driveway?
    both ideas are very hot!!

  3. I opted to obey to preserve my neighborly relations. :)

  4. Oh dear gawd that's hot!

    b.p good you obeyed. Although a pretty little thing such as yourself, ass in the air and spanked on the driveway would get you invites to lots of barbeques!


  5. Hedone, I already worry about the noises coming from my home...what will they think? It might make future lawn mowing a bit uncomfortable. :)

    Although there is ONE neighbor who I wouldn't mind seeing...but that's another blog post.

  6. That last sentence caused me to giggle. Very nice! :)

  7. Bonnie-jo...the man has no shame. Really, I can't stress that enough. :)


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