September 18, 2010

Lining clip

I'm not sure exactly why all these guys are lined up for a taste of Mona's paddle, but it sure looks fun. Can I join?


  1. Sure does look like fun. Guys out for a good time with an amenable waitress who loved it also? A fund raiser of some kind? She got a few good whacks in.

  2. Yes she did! She has a powerful forehand swing. Tennis player?

    I like the idea of a fundraiser. Perhaps all these men took pledges for the number of whacks they'd receive? Charity and spanking should go hand-in-hand more often -- no good deed goes "unfunished"?

  3. Oh Miss know just what i need after a long day at work!!!..i loved that!

  4. Fun video. Too bad we don't know what bar it was, otherwise many men might go for a brewski there.

  5. HMG: You're very welcome. It made me smile, too.

    redxxx: Yes, I wonder if they intend on adding "a dose of the paddle" to their menu? I imagine the tips for that would be good.


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