September 15, 2010

Shirts and Skins

From the twisted mind of Command.

It had been a lengthy session over my knee and I knew she needed a moment’s pause, so I stopped the spanking to admire the redness of her cheeks. She gave the slightest twitch as my hot hand made contact with her cool middle thigh and rested there. A moment later came a familiar wave as a shudder washed over her naked body.

She exhaled and adjusted herself across my lap, releasing a telltale scent of arousal in the process. I knew she was wet; her gyrations having turned from mock escape to a deliberate rubbing against my pants after the spanking gained intensity. A look of pleasure filled her face, making her appear all the more beautiful to me.

I let her rest a moment, my left hand tracing up and down her spine from her neck to the crest of her rump. Sliding my hand down her arm, I reached over and cupped her breast. Taking her nipple between thumb and forefinger, I gave a pinch with a twist, her notice that the break was over. A smile crossed her lips as she half-slid, half-pushed off of my lap to the floor.

Beneath the chair was my crop next to a bowl containing colored, plastic balls. I scooped up the balls in my left hand, retrieving the crop with my right. She sat at my feet observing my movements, her smile replaced with a knowing look of recognition: it was time to play a game.

“Four balls this time," I said when her eyes met mine. “You must return the red one by itself," I continued. She nodded her understanding and watched as I tossed the balls across the floor, mapping their locations as they came to rest. “Ready…GO!” I commanded.

Quickly she turned away from me and headed on all fours toward the red ball, having decided to retrieve that one first. I enjoyed the view from my vantage point in the chair, watching her red moon sway back and forth with each move forward. Reaching the red ball, she leaned forward to pluck it up with her lips, crushing her breasts into the yielding carpet and exposing her slickness to my dancing eyes.

She spun around and moved just as quickly back to my side, depositing the red ball back into the bowl and in one continuous motion turned back to fetch more. “Fifteen seconds," I announced. She knew she had to pick the pace up a bit, but was content to be a brat for this first round and continued at the same speed.

Now it was my turn to smile. She knew exactly what she was doing, having determined her outcome before the tossed balls came to rest. And now I knew, too. Taking 2 of the balls at once, she deposited them in the bowl as time expired on the round. She shot me a sheepish grin and then took her time getting the final ball.

As she dropped it in with the rest, she turned into position with her bottom raised high and her head to the floor, face turned towards me with a smirk. “Penalty for taking too much time?" she asked with expectation in her eyes.

I heard her inhale as I raised the crop up over my head and thought about our game going into overtime.


  1. Nice writing, Command. You don't sound twisted at all. Actually, rather delicious...
    When you excite Pink, you excite us all. :)
    A writing couple, how enthralling... ;)
    Spanking is such a wonderful spectator sport. :)

  2. D: Thank you so much for writing this. I love reading your perspective.

    Anony: Deliciously twisted, perhaps? D does have a way with words, both in their written and verbal form, to make a girl tremble in anticipation. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I want a man who is creative. It shows he cherishes the time, the submission. It just makes it all so much more enjoyable.

    *deep sigh*

  4. H: D does dream up some creative scenarios. With you being as creative (and sensual and sexy and...)as you are, I'm certain you will find your match!


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