September 1, 2010

The bag

During dinner we maintained normalcy. An observer would never have guessed that I was about to be spanked. I knew it, although it remained unspoken.

Throughout our warm conversation, our intermittent hand-holding, my mind would drift to our inevitable return home. I would be spanked hard with an unnamed implement, an implement, perhaps two or three, that I would not like.

The empty backseat held no clues. I craned my neck to peer under the seats as he parked in my driveway, dinner having passed too quickly. I could see nothing peeking out, nothing that would indicate what he'd brought for me, to use on me.

And then he popped the trunk.

Calmly, as if retrieving groceries, he stepped out of the car and matter-of-factly withdrew an unremarkable black bag to sling over his shoulder. He could not know the effect that casual gesture had on me; or perhaps he did.

The premeditation required to pack a bag with items to discipline me, and then placing it in the trunk, out of sight, set off alarms deep within. Yes, this was serious. Yes, he had meticulously planned my punishment, thought about it throughout dinner, and had yet to make mention of it.

With my insides twisting, bursting, and then liquefying, I forced my shaky legs to carry me up the steps to the front door to let us in.

And then he placed it, that little black bag, contents still unknown, on the sofa and beckoned me near.


  1. D must stand for Disciplinarian, eh? Parts of your post are enticing and scrumptious, but parts are downright intimidating. The bag is an interesting idea though, as much for funishment as for punishment. Maybe a spanko gal stuck with a vanilla pal should plant such an item - replete with tools of the trade - in the trunk of her mate. And hope he opens it, when he's looking for a way to change the tire. Hopefully for both of them, the contents will help inflate what needs inflating. And the tire? Well there are a few ways to use a car that is stuck on the road...

  2. To be continued, right?


    "With my insides twisting, bursting, and then liquefying..."

    Liquefying, yeah. Love it!

    Edit: Word verification "sying". I definitely did after this read.

  3. Its can be good looking and lather bags used like laptop also..Thanks for this post..

  4. Really intense. Right on.

  5. Anony: Intimidating and scrumptious...that sums it up! And I love your idea, although planting a bag of implements in someone else's car is liable to get you spanked. Fair warning.

    Laptop Bag: Hello and welcome! Yes, these things are very useful, aren't they? The more benign they appear, the better.

    Hedone & HMG: Actually, I already posted about the events here. For reasons I am sure you can understand, I've been focusing on the before rather than the after. In fact, I've been replaying these few minutes over and over and over again. I might be obsessed.

  6. Lorraine: Thank you! It was a pretty intense evening, for sure.

  7. Sometimes the before can be as intense as the spanking itsself. He knows how to push your buttons but then you probably like to have them pushed. LOL. Thanks for sharing.


  8. FD: I think button-pushing is a key component to this whole thing and I don't doubt for a second that he knew exactly what he was doing. That evil, evil man. :P

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. I knew I liked you. NOBODY spells "liquefy" correctly! :-) I'm properly impressed.

    Oh, those nerves... Nice.

  10. Haha, Erica...but I once spelled "skull" incorrectly during a spelling bee. (Combined the "k" and the "u" to say "q".) Took a LONG time to live that one down!

    I'm such a numbsqull sometimes...


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