August 30, 2010

Am I right?

I do not feel selfish. I do not feel guilty for basking in the pleasurable sensations of being over his knees, or bent roughly over the arm of the couch and rapidly man-handled, each downward stroke of his hand like the plucking of a chord in my favorite rock-a-billy song.

I know it's not one-sided -- and I think I know what he gets from all of this. I trust you will tell me if I'm wrong.

He gets the warm willingness of a beautiful woman succumbing to his demands.

He gets the freedom to make those demands, able to command in such a way that is impossible outside the privacy of the home (or car, or secluded park bench, or...).

When you are in position and looking questioningly at him from over your shoulder, hair partially obscuring your dilated pupils, back rising with each quick intake of breath, your anticipation is a welcome invitation: do what you will, Sir. And he knows he can take it as far as he'd like, whether it is short and intense, or prolonged and sensual.

When you present your pantied bottom to him, he is free to admire it for as long as he wishes. He can smooth those panties over the cheeks, adjust the elastic so they lay just so, or perhaps he will yank them upwards into a "Y" and expose the blank and quivering whiteness beneath.

And when he begins, he gets to gauge each effect his hand makes. He can admire the fingerprints he creates; he can press and knead your bottom, causing the freshly pinkened area to whiten once again under the pressure. Lifting each cheek in his hand, he can drop them to watch them bounce and then, just as quickly, surprise them with another smack, eliciting a shocked gasp as you suddenly clutch his ankle.

He will, at his whim, scold you or whisper in your ear, knowing that each word makes your heart race in expectation. It is in his power to do so. He owns your reactions. He owns your wetness and luxuriates in knowing that it is he who put the sheen between your thighs and the moans upon your lips.

And when he is finished, when he decides that you have had enough, or that he has taken from you what he wants, he can hold you and smooth your hair, feel the warmth of your bottom press against his thighs as he cradles his most prized possession: your submission.

So, tell me, because I really do want to understand -- I really am not a selfish person -- am I right? Is this what he gets?


  1. AMEN! Beautifully said.

    How to separate the REAL spanko men from the wannabes: The wannabes say, "OK, so if I spank you, what's in it for me?" The real ones know all of the above are in it for them. :-)

  2. i truly hope so...what a lovely thought.

  3. We are having a funnt internet moment!

    You have just posted a comment on my site while I was posting a link to yours on Spanking Scouts because this is a fabulous post.

    Love it, love it, love it!

  4. Erica: Right? It seems like they get quite a lot. :)

    HMG: I do, I do, I do hope it's so.

    Poppy: What a strange, small world this internet is turning out to be! Thank you for your lovely comment and for posting a link on Spanking Scouts (I'm not sure what that means, but you have my heartfelt appreciation regardless).

    I also think it funny that you were sending a bath brush spanking to an anonymous pest and I have just written that I would like to be free of my bath brush. Send me their address and I shall mail it to him/her immediately. That is teamwork.


  5. " is he who put the sheen between your thighs and the moans upon your lips." That's it for me in a nutshell! Well, and the view--love the view.

    Beautifully done, Pink!

  6. Pink,

    You certainly touched on a lot of the things that appeal to me! There's another you can add to the list: I get to be me.

    Not the vanilla me, not the professional me, but the Me that needs a submissive counterpart to compliment my Dominant side.

  7. Dioneo: Thank you! The view...yes. Even a sub like me can appreciate the view.

    D: I want to hug you through the computer. I'm happy to be your counterpart.

  8. Excellent question. Along with much pleasure, he gets respect, trust and affirmation of his masculinity. Guys love that.

  9. Lorraine, yes! I mustn't forget all of those things, either. Those tops are so fortunate; what am I doing bottoming again? be discussed in a later post. ;)

    Thanks for commenting!

  10. Well said Miss Pink. Perfect.
    Excellent comments as well.

    When I started down this path and was "used" by my Dom I used to think what is he getting out of it? My most recent spanking by SirDom was incredible. It took new twists and turns, and a few days later I found myself thinking:
    'that was hours of fun and ecstasy. It melted my mind. He did all the work, I hope it was enjoyable for him.'

    Since that day he has remarked at least four times: splendid, delightful, hot, etc. He was almost boastful when remarking that he liked seeing me in a state where I seem to be off somewhere possessed yet tranquil.

    Thanks to you Miss Pink now I get it...what He gets out of it. Lucky man :-)

    BTW...good photos. No. 4 is my fave--that juicy ass and narrow waist *drool*

  11. I just started reading your this post. When i started my submissive journet i asked this same question. Master explained that we are two sides of a coin,,we need each other. It often seems to me that i get a lot more than i give,,,but as long as Master does not feel that way...all is good. Loved your insights on this..i am in total agreement.

  12. Hedone: He was almost boastful when remarking that he liked seeing me in a state where I seem to be off somewhere possessed yet tranquil.

    I doubt there's an almost about it. Men like ours love that power, I suspect.

    Happy to have you back & commenting! Does this mean your computer is fixed and we can expect more delightful posts from you?

    abby: Welcome and I'm so happy you've found my blog and enjoyed this post. Sometimes it does seem like we take more than we give, but the right men don't see it that way at all. I'm happy that you have found someone to share this with as well. :)

    Thanks to everyone who has commented! It's greatly appreciated!

  13. Congratulations on getting Chrossed!


  14. Thanks, Poppy! I'd tell you how pleased I am, but I need to preserve my cool. (It was cause for a big happy dance -- a COOL happy dance, but one all the same.)

  15. Yes congratulations on getting Chrossed, very good post.


  16. Just wanted to say I really liked this.

  17. Thank you for visiting, Parker, and hope you come back! :)


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