August 24, 2010

A simple question

"Where did you two meet?" she asked as we nibbled on sweet corn at the barbecue.

I cast a look at D, who was thoughtfully staring anywhere but in the direction of his very close relative, and nudged him under the table.

Clearly I would have to answer. Boy, he has a lot of faith in my discretion.

"Online," I said, uncharacteristically brief. "Spankfinder," I thought.

Please don't ask what we did on our first date. Please don't ask; please don't ask. If she asks, just talk about dinner. Dinner. That was it. Stick to that. Dinner and...shit, don't think about that. Dinner. End. Of. Story.


  1. Ha! You should have said "quilting convention" and let him explain from there.

  2. Liar, liar, pants (or at least the seat of) on fire.

    Quick thinking, though.

  3. To say we met online is accurate and true. To give the name of the website crosses the boundaries of personal discretion. We live and work in a vanilla world and our personal kinks are, well, personal.

    The important thing to the person asking the question wasn't nosy curiosity as much as uncovering the roots of a relationship that was obviously solid and mutually rewarding.

    My favorite question of the night was: You two move together as one, how many years have you been together?

  4. H: :)

    Dioneo: I think people would be less shocked to find out about D's special kink than an affinity for quilting. But that's a pretty good answer, perhaps for next time.

    BT: Connections are hard to explain. And I always fear that my inner gears will betray me with a blush.

    D: You always do end your lectures on a sweet note, don't you? And how very astute of that person to recognize that in us. That bit makes me smile.

  5. Whenever people ask me how my bf and I met, I simply say, "A personals ad." Quite true; I just don't mention what kind of ad it was. :-)

  6. Erica, yes...a simple question deserves a simple answer. I'm programmed now to immediately think of "our" kind of personals site when I hear that response. Is there any other kind? :)

  7. This IS a hard question, isn't it. Damn people with their damn curiosity ;) I HATE when people ask this, even though they're not doing a thing wrong by asking. You handled it well, I think. Celine


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