August 14, 2010

Results are in: To brat or not to brat?

I posed this deeply philosophical question on whether it was better to ask for a spanking or to earn one through bratting. I thank you to all who answered. Great participation!

As of today and out of 45 responses, survey says:

40% of you sexy respondents are tops
  • 22% of you say, "Ask away!"
  • 6% of you say, "Brat away!"
  • 72% of you say, "Mix it up!"

60% of you naughty respondents are bottoms
  • 30% of you prefer to ask for a spanking
  • 15% of you prefer to brat your way into a spanking
  • 55% of you prefer to mix it up

I guess, as in all things, variety is the spice of life, with an overwhelming number of you preferring to keep a healthy balance in your relationship.

Ever the persuasive guy, D made a compelling point: "When you ask, you get to choose your implement. When you brat, I get to choose your implement."

Ummm...can I change my vote?

(Photo of Caroline Lannon, one of my recent obsessions, courtesy of Firmhand Spanking.)


  1. Pink, you have a girl crush. Aw, isn't that cute.

    Firm hand has some real beauties. I've crushed on several

    D has a good point with the choice of instrument.

  2. Samantha Woodley ranks high in my book, too. And D ALWAYS makes a good point.

    Well, usually...

    Thanks, BT!

  3. Hi B-P,

    I used to "brat" before I knew what it was. And, spanker did not respond forcefully enough at first.

    But she figured it out, after an irritating round of bratting one day. I got spanked hard. End of bratting. And, I felt better, and she felt better.

    After that: more honest discussion about it, and need for spanking at times. Bratting? Not such a bright idea from that point on.

  4. Anony: Welcome and thanks for stopping in!

    I totally understand what you're saying. Truth be told, I really don't brat either -- unless it's more of a role-play bratting scenario (which can be a lot of fun). Otherwise I'm pretty upfront. Or an upfront bitch. But, you know...we all have our days.

    Thanks again!

  5. I missed that post. I would agree, whatever is appropriate at the time, a little bit of both is good.


  6. Ronnie: I agree with you. It's not too late to cast your vote, btw. I have NO idea how to close the poll! :)

    (I'm such an amateur!)


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