August 26, 2010

The slow unzip

When zippers made their fashion debut in 1937, religious leaders deemed them inappropriate for women's clothing -- they made the undressing process too quick and easy.

Only audacious women wore zippers.

Those leaders could not foresee women like us -- women who would grasp the zipper and calculate the effect of the slow unveil. For women like us, the process became an enticing strip-tease.

In the 1950s, the era of nesting, the zipper was placed on the back of dresses in an effort to stop the "slow unzip".

Instead, that slow tease became a game for two. He could unzip me at any moment. Or, the only thing between my hand and her bottom is that zipper.

It was the cause of the baby boom, I am certain.

Now, for the most part, the power is back in our hands as we incrementally lower our zippers, tooth by jagged tooth, making our men wait.

It may begin with a whispered command. "Remove your pants," he could say.

And just as the jangle of his belt buckle awakens in you the slick memories of times before, you know that the hushed movement of your zipper makes him pulse and throb. Your eyes may lock with his, or perhaps your lids will coyly close in time with the zipper's descent.

Breath is held and hearts wait as the zipper finds its midway. Will you keep the steady pace? Or will you pause and glance, a silent question of, "Really? You want these pants down?" passing between you.

Yes, he wants those pants down.

But, by all means, take your time.


  1. I didn't know the zipper could be so sexy.
    Thank you. Wonderfully expressed.

  2. Zippers are good for times when access needs to be silent and discreet. For everything else, I like Velcro! It sounds like panties being ripped off just before the spanking begins.

  3. I always ask my wife why don't they make woman pajamas with zippers...
    Can you imagine having a pair of PJ's pants zipped open while you sleep.... I can... lol... Great post...

  4. HMG: Who's naughty? (And thank you.)

    BT: "Sexy" seems to be everywhere these days. Next up, a post about orthopedic shoes. (Kidding.)

    D: Velcro? I never knew. The next time I spot velcro panties, I shall pick up a pair. And while I'm at the stripper store, I'll buy some tear-away pants, too. ;)

    1manview: Hello and welcome! They DO make zippered pajamas for women! Here's a pair at Pajama City with drop-seats. The pattern leaves a little to be desired, but I'm sure you wouldn't even notice the penguins.

  5. Oh. My. God. You are insanely talented. I'm dying over here...these posts should come with some kind of cold shower. *fans self* Whoooo! Jebus, girl. Ya trying to kill me? :D Celine

  6. PS, I added you as a link to my sidebar..I hope that's okay. <3, Celine

  7. Of course that's ok, ya slacker! I added you weeks ago. ;)

    And thank you, thank you. Your comment is so appreciated. I definitely enjoy knowing that my posts have a certain...effect.

    Thanks for reading and adding me to your sidebar!

  8. Just the site of that picture of the jeans unzipped - its giving me all kinds of warm ideas!

  9. Sheen: Welcome! Yes, there's something inviting about an unzipped pair of jeans. Ah, the anticipation...


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