August 16, 2010

Monday, Monday

I usually accomplish all manner of household tasks on the weekend. But I was away on Saturday and feeling lazy yesterday, so all of those chores have fallen on today, a wicked Monday.

In selecting my clothing this morning, I remembered I had not yet done laundry. I had absolutely nothing appropriate to wear for this hot and humid day.

Determined not to let the tasks ahead spoil my otherwise optimistic mood, I set about checking things off the list.

Laundry: Clothing is washed, now it's time to dry them in the sunshine. What a beautiful day it is.

Lawnwork: I'll take advantage of the relative coolness and garden first thing. It'll be too hot later and, thanks to my Germanic ancestry, I'm liable to burn.

Time to pop inside and cool off with some dusting.

Ah...household tasks complete. Perhaps I should head to the grocery store?

What's that?

You think I need a spanking?

Well, ok, if you insist. But let me get some clothes on first.


  1. You naughty minx.

  2. Productive days are great, at least when they're over. I loved that first photo!

  3. Skin: It's what the best dressed sub's wear to their spanking!

  4. Yes, you have been a bad girl, come here and lay across my knees, now this is for your own good......

  5. Alan: Thanks for stopping in!

    Anony: Who says I'm naughty?

    Dioneo: Sadly, that is the sorry state of affairs of my own closet. And it seems that no amount of laundering will fix it.

    D: You go right on with that ad campaign. Let me know how it works for you. ;)

    H: Good to see you here! And you speak the is for my own good!

  6. You make me laugh, pink.

    Is there a day that passes when you DON'T think of spanking? Are you a...spanko or something?

  7. Liv: Thanks for your comment!

    Um...something like that.

  8. One on my favorite memories from childhood is of early morning when my mother would hang out the wash to dry. (yes, I'm that old).

    Uh, except for the vision of her naked. Ugh. (shakes head rapidly to lose memory)

    Cute post. Thank you. About that
    messy closet....


  9. Cute and funny.


  10. BT: I dare you to try to help me with my messy closet! Old habits die hard...

    And don't some people still hang their wash out to dry? Something about "sheets smelling like sunshine".

    Hedone: Thanks, sexy one.


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