August 28, 2010

An auction I would love to post to eBay

Natural Wooden Bath Brush Spa Scrubber

Item condition: Pre-owned
Time left: 2d 01h (Aug 30, 201017:53 PDT)
Bid history: 0 bids

Starting bid: US $0.49

Buy it now!:
US $1.00

Shipping: US $2.85
Returns: No freaking way!


Up for auction is this natural, HARD wood bathbrush. It has never been used in the shower or bath so the bristles remain like new. However, the finish on the back of the brush and on the lower part of the handle shows wear.

For reasons I cannot disclose, I must get rid of this bath brush immediately.

I hope that it will find a home that will put it to its suitable use as it is just too painful for me to keep.

Be sure to check out my other auctions for more items for your home: wooden spoons, spatulas, a garden hose, and blind pulls. I offer an excellent combined shipping rate!

Thank you for looking at my auction!

Do you think I'd have any takers?


  1. I would take it. I have one, but a spare might come in handy.

    Ha ha, nice try, Pink.

    This will probably cost you.

  2. Shhhh...he'll never notice if I write another post quick enough.

    I should amend my listing, though, to say that there will be no pick-ups or deliveries of the bath brush.

  3. I would take it, but with any luck that wouldn't save you from it...


  4. Pink,

    Can you loan me a $5? I just found a great deal for a bath brush on a E-Bay! I won't have to keep using yours....


  5. *giggle* I'd buy it in a New York minute, fo sho. You better watch out, though, girlie...this kind of post could get you spanked very, very idea which both makes me cringe and maaaaybe turns me on just a wee bit. ;) Celine

  6. LOL, great idea, I'm trying to get rid of ours.


  7. Anony: *Sigh. You are right. There is no escaping these sorts of implements.

    D: Will all respect, Sir, no.

    Celine: You are quite right and I will need to carefully contemplate these types of posts in the future. Last night I was told to pack this evil bath brush for our mini-Holiday later this week. It would seem that the less I like something, the more D loves it. Men!

    Ronnie: I can't help you there...:P

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend & thanks for your comments!

  8. Pink, you would have hundreds of bids in no time flat! Those things go missing more often that you would believe.


  9. I'd need to try them out on you first, just to make sure they worked.

    I've just discovered your blog ( inspired by this ) and I love what I've seen so far.

  10. I'd have to try them out on you first, just to make sure they worked.

    Love your blog!

  11. Hermione: I suspect you are right. These things do go missing and then are quickly replaced. It's times like these that I feel sorry for innocent spankees like us.

    Billy: Thank you for visiting! And there shall be no more "trying them out" on me...I've tried quite enough! ;)

  12. Miss Pink..if this works for you i have a big leather paddle i would love to sell(or give away or lose somehow)lol... too funny!

  13. HMG: A big leather paddle? I am soooo your girl. ;)

  14. hehehehe...yeah the only one in Master's collection (so far) that makes me wonder if i REALLY want to be a spanko or

  15. HMG: When he has that bath brush in his hands, I curse my spankohood. (Well...maybe not that extreme but pretty close.)

  16. Forget Ebay -- burn the @#$%ing thing!

  17. Or, there's always that, Erica! Bonfire of the wooden implements... :)

  18. Thanks for stopping in, Lorraine! Good to have you here!


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