August 27, 2010

What I saw

Maybe it was just yesterday that I watched myself in the mirror while getting spanked. Maybe it was months ago, but the memory of what I saw remains.

I watched his arm swing with a mild detachment, as if I were a bystander instead of an active participant, as if the reddening bottom that dipped in and then swelled out with each impact was not my own.

The angle was such that I saw the woman clearly: she was bent over the foot of the bed, her arms outstretched and battling to remain that way; her bottom shifted as her legs jogged off the belt's effect; her breasts had swung free from the tank top she wore. I was embarrassed for her.

She was staring back with a hungry interest.

And even though the belt was used with significant force, enough to lift her with each blow, the spanker remained in cool control. Before his arm swung, I saw him simultaneously measuring the effect of the last stroke while calculating the exact placement of the next. His hand would move over her bottom in admiration of her and his work, paying homage to these moments of surrender.

And then he looked up and saw me watching, nodding in acknowledgment before his lips set again in concentration, broken with a twitch at the corners as if in enjoyment. He did not mind the audience. This was not a time to hide.

But then the intensity grew and I had to grant them privacy to finish. She began to moan and turned away from me to focus on the building crescendo. I could not watch them anymore.

I left them there -- he abandoning the leather belt in favor of his hand while she lifted her bottom to greet it.

These are things not needed on film. These things will be remembered.

(Second photo found at Dauntless Journey.)


  1. I disagree. Those are precisely the kinds of things that belong on film...


  2. just beautiful...that brought a lovely memory back for me as well.And a little tear of sincere empathy.

  3. Nice post.

  4. Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    Watch the belt now, see it fall.
    When it strikes, can you hear her bawl?
    Mirror Mirror, on the wall.

    Mirror standing on the floor,
    Just inside the bedroom door.
    Do you see stripes and then see more?
    Mirror standing on the floor.

    Be careful not to break the mirror or you may get 7 years of bad spankings.

  5. *sighs* When will I learn that I can't read your posts in public?

    That was hot.

  6. You may have taken yourself out of the scene, Pink, but you sure brought the reader into it.

  7. Anony: "In memory everything seems to be set to music." Tennessee Williams said something like that. But, I do see your point...

    HMG: Aww, thank you! It was one of the "good" kind though, even with the force. I don't think the woman in the mirror felt a thing...

    BT: You're quite welcome. You keep me very entertained, too.

    D: I shall be extremely careful around mirrors. Just say "no" to bad spankings.

    Heather B: What are you doing reading spanking blogs in public places in the first place? You know what should happen, don't you? ;)

    Dioneo: Thank you kindly. You have a way of doing that on your blog as well.

  8. I love that idea. I must add "bedroom mirror" to the shopping list.


  9. Lovely. I hate looking in our bedroom mirror while P spanks me.

    Have a great weekend.


  10. Hermione: Good to have you here! A bedroom mirror gets top recommendations from me -- especially a mirrored vanity that is elbow-height while one is bent just so.

    Ronnie: Having said that, it's sometimes mortifying to both see and feel what's going on behind you. I completely understand!

  11. Pink, this was hot. "Her breasts had swung free from the tank top she wore. I was embarrassed for her."

    I Second Heather's comment...not only can I not read your posts in public place, I can no longer read them if I have anything productive to do afterwards.

  12. Liv: Thank you, I think. I'd hate to believe that I'm contributing to any procrastination. But I AM happy you enjoyed the post.

    Thank you, everyone, who has commented! :)

  13. Mmmmm this is incredibly hot, for sure. You don't know it, but you just tapped into one of my biggest that mirror idea and your review of it is such a turn on, I have no choice but to purchase a bedroom mirror, I suppose. Loved it! God, your blog always turns me on so much, it's embarrassing! *sheepish grin* Celine

  14. Celine: It was always one of my big fantasies as well...and reality stood the test. Happy you "enjoyed" this post and thank you so much for your comment. :)

  15. Beautifully written.

  16. Anony: Thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping in!

  17. I second what Dioneo said.



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