August 7, 2010

To brat or not to brat?

You reappear in the living room with a hairbrush in your hand, catching his eye as he's watching the news. You walk slowly to his side, biting your lower lip as you muster the courage to ask for what you need and want. You hand the brush to him and unsnap the top of your jeans and present yourself to him, like a gift.


You wear a tone of exasperation and roll your eyes at everything he says. You agree with him, but he doesn't need to know that! When he misspeaks, you are sure to point it out, laughingly. You poke him in the ribs and stick out your tongue. Finally, you push too far and you find yourself sent to your room to await his arrival, nervousness and the promise of fulfillment fluttering in your belly.

Two tactics. Two ways of getting what you crave. One question: to brat or not to brat?

Is it better to ask for a spanking or earn one through bratting?

I'm a top; ask away!
I'm a top; brat away!
I'm a top; mix it up!
I'm a bottom; I prefer to ask.
I'm a bottom; I prefer to brat.
I'm a bottom; I mix it up.


(Drawing by Nikoralou.)


  1. I'll put on my top hat and say both approaches would be welcome. With the bratting, there's the thrill of the chase, which always makes the catch more exciting. For the other, there's the thought of a lovely lady just draping herself over my lap and asking for it--sometimes it's nice to be lazy.

  2. The difference for us is that when you brat, I send you to fetch the implement of *my* choice and when you ask for it, you have *your* selection in hand.

  3. whatever works.
    bratting might make it harder on you, and maybe that's what you want.

    Or carry the brush while bratting.
    hit him if he doesn't get the hint.
    Good luck.
    I know you'll get what you want.
    How can anyone resist Miss Pink?

  4. Sheesh, I'm having a hard time making comment on my own blog. Apologies if anyone else is as well. Blogger must be screwy.

    Dioneo: If I'm going to give chase, I'm going to be sure to get D good and tired. But yeah, I'm of the same opinion: Mix it up!

    D: I revise my opinion. I will not brat you because I know your preference for wooden implements.

    BT: Hit him with the brush if he doesn't get the hint? Oh, for sure I'd get more than I want then! (But it's an idea that I've tucked away for a rainy day, so thank you.)

  5. I didn't vote because I don't fit any of the choices...I don't think?

    Well, I'm a bottom but I don't feel comfortable asking for spankings. I'm definitely not a brat, not sure I can pull that off. Well, with the right personality... maybe. Ideally I'd like to mix it up.

    I just sort of hint around that I would like a spanking or need a spanking. I never directly ask.

    I guess, I'll go vote for "I'm a bottom I prefer to ask."



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