August 25, 2010

Closer to fine

It's been a difficult week at Casa de Pink. I've been thinking it over and finally settled on what, exactly, is needed:

Girl time. (I call dibs on the crazy head piece.)

Really, though, my friends and I aren't like that together. Honestly. Well, except for that one time with Michelle, aka "Leather Hand". And that other time with Lisa...but I swear there were no ruffled panties involved (such a shame, really, since I do love frilly things).

But we will drink martinis.

Not like that! We'll be standing like civilized people do when they drink martinis.

Normal posting shall resume after I've cooled my head with my gang tomorrow night.

Like that. But with clothes on. Probably.

(Side note: All's blissfully well with D. No worries there.)


  1. *grin* Where did you get these pictures? They are hawt, yo. I hope your girl time was restorative and fun. Celine

  2. Martini shaken or stirred :)

    Enjoy your evening, great pics.


  3. I hope you have an awesome time. :)

  4. Pink,

    Next time, how about a girl's night in? There's room in the hot tub for you and 5 of your friends!

  5. very nice blog pink great pics ,love and spanks from Tim xxx

  6. sounds like fun!.. enjoy and relax.very cool pictures!

  7. Celine: I found them doing the strangest Google Image search. Unfortunately I can't remember what words I used. It's a game I often play to kill a few minutes (hours) when I'm bored (horny).

    Ronnie: Shake it! Shake it! :)

    Heather B.: Thank you! We will do our best. And if that doesn't work, then we'll have some more martinis.

    D: You just want to see my friends in their skivvies.

    Tim: Thanks! It's much appreciated!

    HMG: Time with good friends, regardless of what we are or aren't wearing, is always enjoyable. Can't wait!

  8. Sorry to hear of the difficulties. Nothing a real good spanking can't cure ;-)


  9. Yes, a good spanking has also set my head straight. :)


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