June 14, 2010

Celebrity britches: Jessica Biel & Natalie Portman

Bottoms from the top of the heap: Jessica Biel and Natalie Portman.

"Celebrity britches" will be a new Monday thing, because sometimes Mondays deserve to be cop-outs.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. Whoa! Natalie Portman did a nude scene? Off to Netflix!

  2. You can see the third scene here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1733177888759327691# around the 5 minute mark. I remember it from "The Dharjeeling Limited", but here they say it's "Hotel Chevalier". (Too tired to research it tonight.) :)

    And the middle picture is from "Closer" and there is, as I remember, a lengthy scene with her gyrating all over Clive Owen in the strip club. Good stuff.

  3. Awesome, thanks BP! Now just a little splicing together with Attack of the Clones and I have the BEST...MOVIE...EVER!!

  4. Ha! Love it, now I have permission (and company) to cop-out on Mondays.


    P.S. wait... is it cop-out as in "cop-a-feel"?

  5. Wonderful pictures of delicious asses, I wanna know about the ass grab one. Jessica Biel is insanely cute!

  6. Hedone: I don't think we want to limit "cop-a-feel" to one day only!

    Supercock: That ass grab picture caused a whole lot of speculation regarding Biel's orientation. There are similar shots of women grabbing her ass. But who can blame them? It is asstastic.

  7. The one on the upper right looks like a real live version of the cartoon you have posted below of the girl in the bathing suit. Yummerific.

  8. Anon, yes, it really does look like that drawing from Endart.


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