June 10, 2010


Within seconds of my arrival, I felt his hand in my hair as he led me on my knees to the couch in his living room. The hurried pace, the urgency for both of us to dominate and submit, had me dripping before he pulled me over his knees.

Without ceremony it began: hard and fast spanks on my denim-clad bottom as I bit my lip and bucked against his leg. He pushed me off his lap and ordered my pants down. Looking directly into his eyes, I hoped my passion for this showed as I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them over and beneath my bottom.

Another hand in my hair pulled me back over his lap and he began again, wordlessly, over my panties. The heat built and my legs kicked my jeans to my ankles. With a tug, my panties came down and he continued, his hand feeling as strong as wood, his rhythm building to a fast staccato.

As quickly as it began, I found myself pushed from his lap and ordered to remain on all fours in front of him. My head dipped, forehead kissing the carpet, hair covering my flushed face, as the sound of his belt unbuckling wet my thighs.

And then he was behind me, spanking with an intensity that shocked me just before he entered me and rode me fast and hard. With a final push, his weight flattened me while we regained ourselves. His heart beat rapidly against my back as I caught my breath and savored the delicious after-effects of our frenzied reunion.

(Photo found on Doonstartwo's fabulous blog.)


  1. Gee-zus! That was nice.

    Me next...


    LMAO the caption work is "unkle"

  2. Hot!
    I need to give one of those just like that again.


  3. Julie ChastisedJune 11, 2010 9:20 AM

    My Goodness. Wow, intense.

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone!

  5. This sounds hot! I would love such a reunion...hmm, I am going away this weekend, perhaps I can convince Sebastien this is how we should celebrate when I get back!

  6. Best of luck, elisabeth! Perhaps we can read about your reunion on your fab blog?


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