June 17, 2010


"Hey, babe, what about this?" He asked, holding up a silicone hot pad.

"Yeah, but how will you grip it...? You'd almost have to flick it, and I don't think that would work too well," she responded, envisioning the flat pad in action.

"Hmmm....this?" Indicating a large, red, KitchenAid spatula.

"Oh! That might work...but the angle...not sure," she rummaged around in the drawer of the rented house, intently looking for the perfect implement. Her eyes seized on a broad, thick-handled, wooden spoon that looked almost original to the 1950s cottage. "Ooh, maybe this one though?"

"Only one way to find out...," he grinned, grabbing the spoon from her hand and, in one quick movement, bent her over his uplifted leg and started thwacking away at her bathing suit bottoms.

"Yes! Yes! That'll do!" she yelped, twisting her body while lifting one bare leg.

"I'm not convinced yet", he replied. Resetting his grip on her, he picked up the pace and intensity.

Amid her giggled protestations, she heard it, a snap of the brittle wood followed by an, "Oh, shit! Nope. This won't work!"

"Hmm...let's see that hot pad again, " she winked, rubbing her teased and slightly pinkened bottom. With a quirk of her brow and an upward lift of her lip, she grinned at him. "Definite possibilities..."


  1. I like the improv instruments. I have wood spoon, hairbrush, bath brush, cutting board, big wooden spatula. Some wooden spoons are big enough to be used like a cane when held backwards. Rulers, frying pan. You can buy them or carry them around without letting on their real 'use'.

  2. Yes! And confession: I have been spanked with a silicone hot pad and it stings! Lots of fun to be found in the kitchen. Or bathroom. Or garage. Or... ;)


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