June 21, 2010

Our secret handshake

Oh, I like him. But is he into spanking?

Well, wonder no more. Let's start a revolution. For over a year now I've considered the idea of a secret pin that would identify spankos across the world. (I'm beginning to think I'm a girl obsessed with buttons.)

Perhaps this button from Zazzle is a bit obvious, but there could be lots of vanilla explanations for having it in one's possession.

But for the spankos out there, we'd know. Oh yes, our spankdar would be going full throttle.

Of course, there may also be some confused canoeists out there: What did that girl with the great ass mean when she asked if I top or bottom?

Update: Friends have pointed out that buttons are currently available at Birchwood Academy Cafe Press. I like this one in particular but am also in favor of the "Top" and "bottom" options.


  1. Birchwood Academy Cafe Press has some buttons. Some are obvious, others are not, such as 'Top' or 'Bottom' or 'OTK'
    Like you said, a vanilla explanation can be made up for each one.

  2. Thanks, Bumtickler. Here are my 2 favourites from the collection:

    For brats: http://www.cafepress.ca/birchwood.192717355

    For everyone: http://www.cafepress.ca/birchwood.119160462 (if they ask you what it's about, you can just say you like to ask "Why" questions)

  3. I love the second one! *Off to make a purchase

    Thanks for the heads-up. ;)

  4. Whatevah says a lot, but I didn't know it was about spanking.

    I was wondering about the (#Y#). Does that have to do with spanking?
    I'm thinking it may be an emoticom. I'll have to find someplace to try it.

    I got the OTK, and a Bottom one, figuring if a vanilla asked, i could make something up, even if it might be nonsensical.
    Like 'On To Kansas' or 'Over Ten Kilometers' or for Bottom, 'the best place to start'

  5. The (#Y#) looks like a spanked bottom, with the # being the red parts and the Y being the crack. :) Cute, no?

  6. Oh,okay.
    Thank you.
    yes,it is cute.


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