June 26, 2010

Ladies who lunch

The title is a bit of a misnomer since we actually breakfast together, but our meets function as the stereotypical "ladies who lunch" concept: each of us penciling each other in around a hectic schedule. Stereotypical, maybe, in implementation, but not in subject matter. I've made reference to our get-togethers before, and they definitely have a kinky bent, being that each of us are involved, to varying degrees, with TTWD (me to a lesser extent, scene-wise, as I'm not in the "scene" at all).

Still, we have difficulties saying the "S" word outloud, each leaning in and whispering it, feeling the thrill of it on our tongues, the prickle in our bellies. Or maybe that's just me. No, it couldn't be just me.

Now I am giddy with anticipation. It appears that one of my comrades may (fingers-crossed) join my Dom and I for a spanking game. Nothing is settled yet, but a few ideas have been proposed. My favorite is an OTK warm-up and then a light-hearted (but potentially heavy-handed) game of Round Robin with some slight modifications. No crop, please Sir!

This is a big step for me, something I've always fantasized about. If there were such a thing as a spanking star, I'd cast my wish now.


  1. What is TTWD? Please spell out the acronym.

    And please report on the results of this 3-way encounter.

    And please give suggestions on how to create one's own breakfast buddies group. I want one too (I think). A nice one, with juicy strawberries, warm hugs and gentle chiding.

  2. Yes, it is nice having real live conversations with like-minded people. (Especially people as open and genuine as my two friends.)

    TTWD = "this thing we do"

    I met one of the ladies on Fetlife and the other through a mutual friend in another state. Networking, I guess, without the stuffy clothing.

  3. "Starlight, starbright,
    First star i see tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    That barely.pink has a 3-way spanking night."


  4. Oh, I like your wish, Hedone. Thank you!

    And I have an update: 3-way spanking is scheduled for this Tuesday... I can hardly wait!

  5. Yes, I'm here surfing your blog looking for a post about 3-way play and spanking.

    Excuse me...


    (Maybe it was cancelled cuz you were sick?)

  6. Darn kidneys. Yes, the play was postponed! I can't imagine playing the way I felt.

    There will be a blog post about our fun one of these days...soon. I promise. :)


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