May 17, 2010

Know when to fold 'em

Might I suggest a game of cards? How about a game that includes 4 implements, an eager bottom, and a playful Dom?

Folks, I played "Round Robin" and it broke me. Broke me. Me, the girl who doesn't cry (okay, once...but I was drunk).

Here's how you play:

1. The top or Dom chooses 4 implements (with or without the sub's approval). In my case? The belt, a paddle, a hairbrush and...a crop. Not my choice, mind you;

2. The sub or bottom chooses two cards from a deck (minus Aces and jokers). Each card is face value or Jack is 11, Queen is 12, and King is 13. The kicker is that pesky 2 card. It DOUBLES the other card. So the highest one can achieve is 26;

3. Rotate through the implements, delivering the number of swats as determined by the cards;

4. Continue until the deck is gone.

We skipped part 4.

We did not continue until the deck was gone. What happened to our valiant heroine? Well, friends, she drew a 2 and a King (26) for the crop. The thought of 26 with a crop on an already well-spanked bottom was enough to drive me to tears.

Have I told you that I don't cry? I don't. Like hardly ever (except that one time).

But there they were: tears springing to my eyes, a tremble in my lips, and a sincere desire to call a halt. Which I didn't do. I didn't say, "let's stop." I didn't use my safeword. He just knew.

And for that I am thankful.

Lest you think I have a softie Dom, you must know that I still got the belt. Hard. And then he strung me up by my toes.



  1. I think this calls for a re-match! Six of the best, er, best two out of 3?

  2. Ok, if you need a softer night, here's my suggested option: black means hand, red means implement (cuz red means red bum). Continue your game as is. If you pick a black 2 and a red King, divide the red by two and do the other half with the hand. What's the chance you'll pick a red two and a red king? If you do, cry again. What do you think? And maybe let her use the ties once in a while.

  3. Thanks, Anon, for your suggestions!

    We are fine-tuning our game of Round Robin, which means we'll be playing it again, and soon... Squee! ;)

  4. I have not doubt that he wasn't a softy and the game must be played out, but I do respect a Dom who knows when his sub has had enough or is about to.


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