May 27, 2010


This is how I imagine waiting for you.

My panties are resting just below my cheeks, thighs grinding slowly against one another, as I close my eyes and imagine the sight I'm creating for you: my pale, round bottom fighting for attention with my yearning pussy. I wonder which you'll go for first?

You pause when you enter and your breath catches. You feel your cock stir and your palm twitch as you contemplate my offering.

To spank or fuck? Which would you choose? Which do I want?

You cross the room and smooth your hand over my back and hold it there, my bottom rising upward to tempt you. Please touch me, it seems to say. I need you to touch me, and I can feel your deliberation that lasts the length of a breath....

I feel your hand move over the right cheek and lift it softly. Your fingers hook beneath and you feel my wetness beckoning. You push my thighs apart, lift your hand and...


  1. Deliciously sexy.

    I never know which I need more so I like when it's a little of both.


  2. Oh, I know. It's hard to choose, but it's almost always win-win. First one, then the other.

  3. Surely its obvious, spank then fuck, then spank then fuck then spank and fuck at the same time.

  4. pant, pant, pant....

  5. To spank or fuck? Which would you choose?
    I would choose both.

    I posted this pix a month or so back, it has shown up on many blogs. Excellent.

  6. I vote to spank you cherry red first, since I love the sensation of feeling your heat on my balls.

  7. Perfect! Why choose, when you can have both?

    (And OBB, I LOVED this picture!)

  8. What a picture- your bottom cheeks like the Sirens of Legend, luring us to caress them ,then spank them to a nice pink colour. After what else but a long slow fucking with as many encores as possible! KW


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