May 7, 2010

Freak Flag

Yes! I did it. I created an account on Facebook for my alter ego, Find me on there, as Barely Pink.

There are so many resources available to us now, which is a refreshing change from when I was just beginning my exploration in the late 90s. Blogs, social networking, countless sites from which to garner knowledge and masturbation material.

Back in the day, I never had a term for what I was. I just knew that I fantasized about spanking. All the time. It was this obsessive compulsion just waiting to burst free. Unfortunately, it burst free on some unsuspecting vanilla men who just didn't know how to handle the power I was bestowing on them.

Nowadays, I almost forget that I'm "different", because I know so many people who are into this. This is comforting, no? Even if spanking is not completely mainstream, despite its appearance in TV and movies, the outlets available allow us to feel less marginalized.

Join me on facebook. Let your freak flag fly!


  1. As the Facebook saying goes, I *like* you're posting. And I *poke* you back. You, my dear, have not only made me feel like a more acceptable freak, you've made me feel like a more loveable freak. If you're what freaky is, then bring it on, tasty girl! rf

  2. You've always been loveable. I'm happy to have helped you see that! Love ya, rf.


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