May 6, 2010

Adventures in voyeurism

Some people just need to be spanked.

And given the secrecy of our kink, in many cases, a willing spanker is hard to spot. So the needy flock to online adventures, meeting their demands through cyberspanking, cyberscolding, and dirty talk. Sure, it's not as meaningful (or impactful) as the real thing, but it is at least something in the absence of flesh and bone.

One of my very dear friends falls into the category of "relentless brat". I say this lovingly, but she, above anyone else, needs to be disciplined on a regular basis. Unfortunately her locale and current circumstances prevent her from exploring these needs in real time.

So what does a horny, undisciplined spanko like her do? She hops on her web cam and self spanks while being directed by an authoritative top.

And guess who was a fly on the reverberating walls last night? Yes. Yours truly. I watched, mouth agape, as she set the plastic kitchen spoon to her bottom for a total of nearly 400 swats. I leaned closer to my computer screen as she stood in the corner, fiery bottom on display and hands on her head. I could almost feel her embarrassment radiate from her glowing bottom.

As she spanked, I watched her resolve slip and she took deep, ragged breaths to reclaim it. I followed the transformation of her pale, round bottom to a swollen, pink splendor, her cheeks shaking with each determined swing of the kitchen spoon.

I knew she was wet. I knew she was enjoying it. And as I messaged her top, I could tell that this three-way was getting him a bit hot in his seat, as well.

On display for her webcam, she fidgeted. Her fingers kissed her glowing bottom, in a gentle acknowledgment of tenderness after the storm. "Tell her to stop covering her bottom!" I typed to the spanker. And I immediately saw her place her hands on the top of her head. Ah, the satisfaction of being obeyed!

Results? A top, an exhibitionist, and a voyeur sure make a lovely team of naughty onliners.

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  1. I am not an exhibitionist! I'll get you for calling me that! Nor a brat, you meanie! ;)

    Yes, that experience was indeed so hot as to completely swallow any past experience I've had, real, imagined or enacted. It took me to a plane from which I have not been able to return, hanging there on the end of an orgasmic cliff, now for more than 18 hours.

    But now you've confused this brat/exhibitionist in fishnets thigh highs, white panties down to her kneees, red lingerie top and miniskirt.

    If she (or I, in this circumstance) is so much hotter because you watched, if she could experience not only her own joy, but also your voyeurisitic pleasure vicariously, plus the delicious embarrassment, and if this was such a high as to give her female blue balls, what is she to do?

    Well for the first time in her life, she would really like to fuck a woman silly. So bend over and open wide.

  2. It is also very important that I convey my gratitude to the spanking Top himself. Your discipline is much appreciated, Sir. I only wish I could have felt your palm rather than my plastic spoon, and your thighs, rather than the arm of my chair. Please hold on to the image of me so remorseful but still recalcitrant, red bottom poking out of the corner, submitting to your will. I'm a naughty girl, Sir, and I deserved it.

  3. hullo ,looks good fun to watch these directed spanks ,your blog is very good ,love and spanks pink from tim xxx

  4. Your gratitude is accepted and very appreciated too. You are a naughty girl and i'm proud of you for taking reponsibility for your actions. It would have only made it that much better to burn my open palm on such a deserving bare bottom...

  5. And you guys are so yummy - both of you! Yummerlicious! You've given me calorie-free cravings! Many thanks and hugs to an excellent man spanker and a fantastic woman voyeur friend. Let me know if you're ever up for another round.

  6. "Some people just need to be spanked."
    It warms my heart to hear you say that.Not many of those people to be found in Dublin mind you,but I may not have come across them yet :)

  7. I am sure we could arrange a direct spanking for next time. One should never have to be alone when they need a good spanking :-)


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