May 28, 2010

Naughty words welcome

I remember the moment I saw my parents holding my mad-libs book. A feeling of horror passed through my stomach and my mouth immediately filled with a sour taste. I knew what they were reading: "piss", "fuck", "dick", "sex", "vagina", among other naughty 7th-grader words scrawled in the blanks of the "kid-friendly" stories. To say that they were disappointed in their innocent, clean-mouthed daughter would be an understatement; that was the last time they ordered mad-libs from the Scholastic Books monthly selection.

Those words aren't so bad though, right?

We can do worse.

In following with my pre-adolescent tradition, every week I will post a list of simple parts of speech over at "the pink libs" (see side-bar link). Comment with your words (comments won't be published but I will read them) and the seventh submission will be used to fill in the blanks of a story I've written.

Here is my challenge to you: be kinky, be creative, be fun. Be as dirty as you want to be.

My parents aren't looking this time.


  1. Sounds pretty interesting Ill have to check it out. I used to love those mad libs things. i think all kids that were teenagers used to use risky words in them as long as they thought others wouldnt see them and especially not parents LOL.

  2. It does sound like fun, I will pop in to check them out.


  3. using naughty words gets big spanks ,nice pic .love and spanks ,tim xx

  4. Thank you! The first version should publish tomorrow, between pool parties and barbecues.

    Happy long weekend, everyone!


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