May 27, 2010

Ready to pop

I've been taking advantage of the amazing weather here to tend to my new yard. The flowerbeds had been neglected for so long; they were overgrown with weeds and grass which I have been steadily pulling out.

I am not a gardener (odious job), so I really don't know anything about plants. However, there was one that everyone said looked like a giant thistle. I was inclined to agree, but it had buds that looked ready to pop. So I waited.

And this is what emerged. Poppies. Their tissue paper petals surround intricate centers, adding a burst of much-needed color to the outdoor space.

Anyone versed in gardening probably could have identified them as poppies. But to me, they honestly looked like an ugly weed. The benefit of waiting, letting them open up to me, revealed the true beauty within.

And not to be all deeply philosophical, but the same can be said for relationships. Take someone who isn't your example of physical perfection, let them bloom for you, see what kind of color they add to your life.

As of now, these poppies are the pride of my garden. I can't imagine how blank my flowerbeds would look without them.


  1. Wonderful sentiments.

    Pretty flowers.

    I like dandelions.

  2. Not a gardener either but my grandad used to try to teach me. I think he said it best. A weed is just a plant that is somewhere unwanted.

    By definition, everything is a weed and nothing is a weed.


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