May 20, 2010

Mid-afternoon delight

For a girl who loves men, I sure spend a lot of time looking at girl-on-girl spanking.

But isn't this picture lovely? It's pure fantasy in photographic perfection.

Look at that Domme, bending the crop while eyeing her target, a target who just might be wearing the sexiest heels and stockings I have ever seen. Seriously, I could conquer the world in those stockings.

I'm not sure which of these delicious outfits I'd feel more submissively at-home in: the simplicity of a sexy black garter and stockings, or the complicated musings of the sub's waist cincher. Either would be fitting; either is absolutely lick-worthy.

And the intensity of the Domme's gaze? Yeah, I've seen that look in my Dom's eyes just before feeling the crack of the crop. It's a look that has me trembling in excitement and just a bit of fear, a feeling tangible even now, from a black-and-white photograph. That gaze has power.

And don't think I didn't notice what's on the night-stand. Do you see? Is that a ridonkulous black plug, or just my wishful thinking? And don't miss the cuffs dangling from the drawer, or the slimline vibrator standing in wait.

Many, many pleasures to be had in this scene. And my imagination is off and running on this Thursday afternoon...


  1. Actually, I think those are sunglasses (or maybe blinders). You gotta dirty mind! lol

  2. Ah...leave me to my wishful thinking. I much prefer the idea of a plug... ;)

  3. Very hot pic... I love the domme's flowing robe. And of course both women's garters and stockings are great.

  4. It looks like it's going to be a long hot afternoon.
    The domme looks hesitant, pensive, enjoying the anticipation?

  5. HA! I told you they were some kind of blinders or blindfolds! Still a fantastic post though.

  6. Nope...still see a giant plug.

    Shut your eyes and play along. ;)

  7. I'm with pink on the idea of the plug. That's a much better idea than some blinders.

  8. Thank you, Tycoise! Finally someone has some sense (or is as dirty minded as I am...)!


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