May 24, 2010

Death of a hairbrush

What a shame! A perfectly good brush met its demise in a battle against my bottom. And if I sound proud of this, let me assure you that I am not. In my many scuffles with the brush, I have only emerged victorious twice. Yes, folks, I have had the (dis)pleasure of beating the brush on two occasions, both of which, as you can imagine, are quite memorable for their...err...lasting impressions.

The most recent "victory"? Well, I'm not entirely sure if it happened in the parking lot of the pool hall or at the bar. You see, it was dark in the car by that time. And he spanked fast and hard for fear that we'd be found out at any moment. (He didn't fear this as much as I did, it must be said.)

We made it a mission to experience the back seat of his new car in a full-out, spank-happy fashion. A spanko christening, if you will. And so we did, the first spanking administered in full light of day with his hand, with my long legs pressed up against the car window and my skirt raised past my waist to reveal my thong and garter and rapidly reddening derriere.

The parking lot, by the way, was full, leaving lots of opportunities for discovery. Being a shy exhibitionist (and not wanting either of us to visit the local jail), I was torn. I imagined that someone must have heard or saw something, right? If they didn't hear the smacks as his hand and brush collided with my exposed cheeks, then surely they heard my whimpers and protestations, right? And would they share my shame with others later, conveying in shocked tones what they witnessed?

Ah, happy thoughts.

But it was on one of our later trips to the back-seat that the brush actually broke. I can well imagine the moment it did. There was one particularly hard smack that had me wincing and writhing over his lap, before I slid to the floor of the car. That surely was the moment.

Miss Pink: 2; Brush: 987

Do I care to try for three? Oh, absolutely!

(Special thanks to Rayne at Mischief Managed, for providing me with this delectable photo. Visit her here,


  1. Wooden hairbrush meets buns of steel! Puts a new twist on being a steel hearted brute, doesn't it! Hmmm. I wonder if this voids the warranty....

  2. So glad you like the photo Miss Pink! :D

  3. Oh yes, love the photo. Wish it were me: semi-naked, being spanked, outdoors, possibly public, authoritative man well-dressed man...*deep sigh*


  4. Of course you try for three, and then four and five

  5. nice photo miss Pink very good blog believe this was in Blushes magazine ,love and spanks from tim xxx


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