May 30, 2010

Getting off

Fingers release it
from the depths, out of the mouth:
electric thunder.

I need an orgasm and I need one now.

This post was intended to be one about my Saturday night adventures with the flogger and restraints, but I was distracted by various photos of women in the throes of passion. And now, all I can think about is adding my own picture to the mix.

Days like this are rare: I need an orgasm far more than a spanking. (Maybe because my bottom is still warm and pleasantly pink?)

And I just received the blessings from my Dom, so I'm off to...get off.


  1. We all knew you were wonderful with prose, but poetry as well? You're haikurific!

  2. Spread your silky thighs,
    Thrust your shaven pussy up,
    Feel my cock explode!

  3. Oooh, haiku fun for everyone!

  4. I don't know how to write haiku, but I can appreciate its intensity and efficiency - the imagery, the metaphor, and in this case, the naked eye of the storm. Seek the fulfillment of your desire, press onward, don't look back. And remember, despite the lovely games one's mind plays during these bouts of pleasure, the big O is essentially a solitary experience, like a hurricane on an island in the Pacific. You can smother your life force with too much impatience, breaking down all the roots you have cultivated, or you can wash new life on to the beach, and leave rainbows in your wake. Carve your destiny in the image of your dreams.

  5. The sound of a ferry's fog horn,
    Or the howl of a lonely coyote.
    A loud call to pierce the sky.

    The breath held for a moment, Frozen in time.
    Life suspended in eternity.

    The buzzing of excitement,
    Bottomless itch.
    Passing bases in the slide home.

    The pique of curiosity
    Flash in the eye.
    Fantasy real in the moment.

    From caterwaul
    To the first whiff of flesh
    Like big bang to black hole.

    I'm but an amateur. Thanks for the inspiration. This would need work, but hope the story comes through.


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