May 18, 2010

The Hair (down there)

I'll admit it: my hair-down-there status has been open to requests. My man requests a bush? I get to growing. Trimmed and neat? I grow and manicure. Fully bare? Break out the hot wax, mama's goin' Brazilian.

There have been times these requests have caused much embarrassment.

One time in particular, I was with a man who didn't want me to trim AT ALL. Without going into all of the hairy details, let's just say that I had some major retro action going on down south.

Well, it was time for my annual trip to the fun doctor, the OB-GYN. I pondered a trim but knew my man would notice and my months of growing would be for naught. So, biting back my shame of having such a fuzzy pussy (what I saw as an obvious fetish statement), I took myself to my gynecologist and awaited the moment of the reveal.

To make matters worse, there was a resident doctor who wanted to sit in on the exam. Normally I wouldn't have hesitated: it IS for science, right? But, first, the resident was HOT. All caps. And second, well...I was the sort of hairy that would make the rounds at story-time. So I said I'd rather take a pass.

I think my OB understood when the paper gown opened and she was treated to my curly glory. It was at that moment that I've made one of the most embarrassing apologies of my life.

"Oh my god," I rushed, "apologies upfront. You see....I''m with someone who likes it hairy and so I haven't trimmed in like, forever, and oh my god, I'm so sorry. This is probably your least favorite part of the job, but I swear it's CLEAN! Oh my god. I can't believe I didn't trim for you. I'm so sorry!"

To her credit, the doctor laughed, and said that she sees women in their natural states more times than not. This revelation surprised me a bit: there are women who don't trim? And it's not a fetish thing? (This is a peek into how much I think about the kinky. To me, everything involving the body leads to a kink, whether I'm game or not.)

And after that relationship with that fuzzy-loving man ended, had I turned the corner and switched to au naturel forever?

Two words: clean slate.


  1. I tried to vote, but it wouldn't let me.
    I like some hair down there. Not a forest, but enough to tickle.


  2. My apologies. I'm trying something new with the polls. Let me see if I can iron out the, um, kinks. So to speak.

    Thanks, BT!

  3. I have some Bush Master tweezers, I'd be happy to pluck a path through your forest anytime!

  4. Well, there's obviously no need for those kinds of measures. (Ouch!)

  5. A little hair on men and women is sexy.

    No need to put designs in it.

  6. First of all... is the best place we've found to make up polls. Now to the topic... :)

    Funny that you were embarrassed at NOT being shaved. Most tend to go in the other direction and worry that they are shaved (waxed, whatever). As for the preference here, it's zero hair down there. It's cleaner looking, makes play more fun... and it is easier to see things. Also, there is a certain level of submission in taking care to see that things are kept cleanly shaved. It's a daily... or a couple of times a week... act of doing something sexual that you've been told to do. That works for us.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  7. Thanks for the tip on sparklit! I'll check it out ASAP.

    Tons of hair just embarrasses me, I'm not sure why. Maybe I just don't have the attitude to rock a full-on bush. ;)

    And I would agree with you, the regularity of a close shave reminds me of my submission. It adds some spark to the mundane act of using a razor--and "spark" is always welcome!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, everyone!

  8. So, barely-pink, What's it look like down there, if that's not being too forward? [if you feel a need to slap me for asking, may I ask for it on my nether cheeks instead of my facial cheeks?] A photo would really spice up the poll.

    btw, there's a blog that says Guess her muff there's a lot of variety and a lot of shaven...

  9. Well, my Dom prefers Brazilian.

    And thanks for the link, an interesting assortment of styles there! ;)

  10. Hiya Barely Pink :)
    This one had me laughing! I can't help but think that "to shave or not to shave" is the unanswered question before going to the gyn. I actually was scolded for shaving by a gyn once. He made a big deal, even noting it in my chart! OMG! Great post :)
    All the best,

  11. have to say that I am more for the lesser look, bare is great, some hair,a tuft etc is great, not much for the Amazonian look


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