May 11, 2010

Pull my trigger

It's a quirk of the eyebrows, a slight pull of the lips, a pause, a sigh, a hand run through his hair in exasperation. There are so many things that pull my trigger, get me hot, that it's hard to discern all of the separate ingredients that make a sexy exchange. Altogether, I feel like a well-chastened bug zapper waiting to crackle and pop, my sparks sending waves of hair-raising energy to anyone fortunate enough to be near.

So I offer you a very brief list of the things that are creamy, dreamy, and just plain steamy:

1. The mechanics of sleeve rolling, slow and deliberate, with eye contact and a steady determination that indicates the plan in mind requires some elbow grease;

2. The jangle of a belt buckle. I swear I have sonar for this, this erotic clank and ring raise gooseflesh from the other room;

3. "And what do you think we need to do about this, young lady?" Let's start by wringing out my panties, Sir;

4. Pulling out an armless chair, letting it drag across the carpet to the center of the room; the slide of the wooden legs to their destination are like nails across my belly, a nipple-tightening sensation that makes my thighs quiver and my mouth go dry;

5. Grabbing a knuckle-full of my hair without warning while issuing a direct and short stare before releasing me, a reminder that, at any time, I am his;

6. Asking for it, my hands clasped before me, my bottom lip pulled in between my teeth, my gaze belying the passion and need inside, my voice direct yet shy;

7. The simplicity of a gentle pat on my bottom in public, a signal of tenderness and reassurance wrapped in the heat of a promise;

8. An early phone call, "tonight you will be spanked," and all of the other details are kept purposely vague, inspiring my mind to work its creative story-telling ability to develop a hot, hot scene;

9. Inspection before making an over-the-knee trip, instructing me to drop my jeans and stand, motionless before him while he caresses my bottom first with his eyes and then with his hands;

10. The surprise attack: a sudden unsnapping of my jeans, strong hands pushing me over the kitchen table, the yank of my panties to my knees for a short and quick, spontaneous session that is as hard as it is desired. excuse me while I go celebrate May, National Masturbation Month.


  1. Hot, just HOT!

  2. VERY MUCH SO. Super hot. I'd add a few:

    11. The LOOK - the I know what you did and you know that I know, and I'm not going to let you get away with it, naughty girl, look. Makes my knees cave in.

    12. The expressions: Come here NOW. You broke a rule. WHAT?! (when he hears you swear). Etc. It's like we know we share an understanding that I accept his authority over me.

    13. The hidden clues - the "Bottom's Up" or "naughty" written in a public place, referring to other things. The word accountable or firm or discipline, used when spanking is not imminent. This makes me drip and then I get embarrassed thinking maybe he can smell it.

    14. When he says the word - it's electrifying. I'm going to spank you when we get home. Spank. It rings in my ears and the butterflies lay eggs under my skin (also known as goosebumps)

    15. The anticipation of waiting - being sent to your room or corner, knowing he will soon upend you and there's nothing you can do to stop him. Not that you want him to stop. In fact, you wish he'd hurry up and start!

    16. The scolding during spanking - the, it is supposed to hurt. I'm not going to let you get away with this. You're in big trouble, naughty girl, etc.

    17. And the love and tenderness and hard strict firmness all together, like an orchestra of emotion and sensation. Yummer.

  3. 18. You're standing in the corner, displaying your freshly made stripes. You tense as you hear my feet on the carpet, moving into the room behind you. You don't dare to turn and look, but listen intently for my breathing. Suddenly, the sound of a SWISH fills your ears, as the implement that caused the stripes cuts through the air. Your knees cave just a little and juices begin to flow.

  4. 19. Stepping out of the shower and finding him waiting on the bed, thighs empty and looming as he pats them with his right hand. "Come," he says, as he pulls me close.

  5. Anticipation, waiting, preparing, the feelings that build with in one, both physically as well as emotionally and exciting....and just the beginning.

    thank you.

  6. National Masturbation Month?

    I like the sound of that,never heard of it before,but I like it :)


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