May 21, 2010

Toasted, with a side of butter

Let's take care of our bottoms, alright? I mean, in this kink of ours, they are a pretty major focus. And as much "abuse" as mine takes, I like it to feel soft, look smooth, and be well-admired. I want my bottom to be toasted, with a side of butter.

There's this product that I use. It is a-ma-zing. Origins makes an exfoliator called "Incredible Spreadable Scrub" and comes in several tantalizing scents. The one I prefer? Ginger. (They also make a fabulous line of ginger souffle lotion and bath creams.) Use it with a mesh poof (what ARE those things called?) for maximum effect.

Word to the wise, throw that mesh poof out after a week and get a new one. They are breeding grounds for bacteria so it would kind of defeat the purpose to have them hanging around for too long. (And you can get them at any dollar store for...a dollar.)

Having a smooth, soft bottom is my personal invitation for him to stay awhile. Even after last night's ministrations (there was more spanking following my discipline), my bottom is soft and pliable and ready for more. Hello, Saturday!

What are some of your bottom-beauty secrets?


  1. I have to say, when *this* artist begins to paint, I truly enjoy a *canvas* that is soft and silky smooth! Can you use it 'all under' or just in spots?

  2. Why I do believe that question just made me blush.

    Due to the gritty nature of sea salt, I think it might be a little too much for the more "tender" areas. Care to try it out on your balls and tell everyone about your experience? ;)

    Or were you talking about the feet? In that case: yes.


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