May 19, 2010

The tedium of pants

How often do you need a spanking? For me, ideally, it would be a daily thing. Who am I kidding? For me it would be a morning, afternoon, and evening thing, with some sharp reminders and corner-time thrown in for good measure.

I say "ideally" because most of us live with other responsibilities. We can't be spanking all of the time, can we? We must go forth in the pants-wearing world and straighten our legs to walk among the pale-bottomed folk.

I see my regular clothing as a disguise. This is me, being a business woman. This is me, being a student. This is me, being the girl people are afraid to swear around. (That last one still makes me laugh: people censor their mouths because I appear so innocent. If they only knew...) While I am all of those things, barring innocence, there is a nerve that remains hidden beneath my daily costume. Underneath, depending on just how fortunate I am, there may or may not be a pink bottom.

So what gets me through the tedium of pants and standing upright? Well, it's the daily reminder, the pervertible objects, seeing the world through spank-colored glasses, and the promise that soon I will be unmasked, upended and undignified over a pair of knees once again.


  1. MarQe, here to hand out all the guidance you'll need my girl !! My Study!! NOW!

    I'll also be sure I have a link at my blog for Barely Pink ;)

  2. Why, thank you, Sir. The Study could only mean one thing... please, not the cane! ;)

  3. You could wear a skirt. That would make it a lot more accessible, wouldn't it?

    I think I would like that either way. Too bad kilts aren't generally accepted in this country. I'd be lifting mine all the time.

  4. WOOHOO! Up with skirts and down with pants! Just beware of Dom wolves in vanilla sheep clothing.

  5. Literally "up" with skirts and "down" with pants, right?

    And FYI: vanilla sheep clothing does not equate to black leather chaps. As a disguise, it's an utter fail.


  6. Hmm, morning noon and night, with a few fillers, where do I sign up??


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