May 7, 2010

Bottom line?

I'm nervous. I've been told not to dwell on it, but I am apparently poor at following directions anyway. So, yes, I am dwelling.

I do seek accountability. I do have an appreciation for rules and structure. But I am so used to functioning on my own, doing as I desire, existing happily in my selfish world of indulgences and guilty pleasures that I have a hard time believing that someone else might know best. In this, as in many others, he has a clear point.

As indicated by an earlier post, pouting is out. Explanations haven't seemed to budge his resolve either. So I'm just going to have to suck it up and take it, submit to whatever punishment-fits-the-crime-scene he has in mind.

Why is a semi-seasoned spankee like myself dwelling? Because I've been disciplined, but never punished. There is a line between the two, and I fear that that line will be on my bottom by the end of the night.

Eek! Update to follow.


  1. I hope he punishes you with as much love as he uses for discipline. With all due respect, Sir, please be kind to her ass. Besides, a little pouting is a cute thing, imo. Too much, on the other hand, is just defiant. Personally, I've always relished a stare down response when I do it. Yummy butterflies it gives me.

  2. Decisions decisions.... For a Spanko, is punishment 40 lashes, or ONLY 40 lashes?

  3. Please don't lash her sir.

  4. Not so bad, anon. I'm in good hands.


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