June 11, 2010

Like a virgin

Tip # 1: when you bring an implement on a date, make sure it's one that you wouldn't mind feeling on your bottom throughout the night.

Don't make the same mistake that I did yesterday.

The evildoer: my bath brush. Why, oh why did I think it was a good idea to pack that little gem in my overnight bag? Sure, just the sight of it turns me on, but that says nothing about how it feels when wielded by a strong man who considers its presence an open invitation to use as he sees fit. "Lightly," I said, "I like to feel it lightly."

See, I'm a leather girl: belts, straps, paddles. I actually detest the feel of wooden implements, although finding the domestic variety around the house gets me tingling. You know, open the drawer and there's the wooden hairbrush, or wooden spoon, or turner winking innocently back at you. But the use of any of the above? Yeowch!!

Last night I was squirming and kicking and pleading like I'd never been spanked before. The unrelenting bath brush, my arm pinned behind my back, my panties in a tangle at my thighs, all painted a pretty picture of a virgin spankee, spanked for the very first time.


  1. Good advice, leather girl! Don't bring wooden toys that you love to detest, or is it detest to love?

    Tip #2: Don't blame the brush for the squirming, kicking and pleading as that would have happened anyway!

  2. So should I blame the Dom, then? ;)

  3. Nice photo...nice girl to spank...nice ass and thighs.

  4. I agree! And gotta love the action shot, too.


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