June 4, 2010

Two spankos take a trip

Maybe it'll go down like this:

We'll back out of the driveway 15 minutes later than planned, me sitting gingerly but happily next to him, and begin making our way through 3 states to our destination.

The heat in my bottom will hopefully remind me of the importance of disclosure (yes, this innocent, young lady finds herself in trouble yet again) while the optimism of our uninterrupted weekend together will keep our spirits high despite the long travels ahead.

Perhaps we will stop along the way to add another chapter to the hairbrush challenge, or maybe we'll wait until we find lodging for the night.

Our final destination is in a wooded setting, which will hopefully provide some nice switches for us to try in seclusion from the rest of the party-goers. Or perhaps someone will see me gripping a tree, my exposed fanny glittering like diamond dust as the sound of the switch meets the resisting air.

What will the weekend bring? Well, the Magic Eight Ball noncommittally says "unclear", so your guess is as good as mine. (The next answer was "ask again later", but I lost interest with that shameless tease.) My anticipatory guess? There will be at least a couple of adventures worth sharing once I'm able to sit again.

Until then, happy weekending and happier spanking!

(Artwork by Kami Tora.)


  1. never had left a comment before, but i have felt compelled to do so this time. the words "my exposed fanny glittering like diamond dust" just speaks to me....wow. keep up the great work girl! (wonder if you know who this might be....) hehe

    fannies forever!

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!

  3. A nice outdoor drawing of a bare bottom spanking given with a hickory stick to a naughty ladies, bare bottom.


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