June 18, 2010

Spanking Sarah Silverman

And yet another reason to love the sassy Sarah Silverman.

It's from February which probably means eleventy billion bloggers already posted it. So spank me, okay?

BTW: It appears that Sarah's current boyfriend, "Family Guy" writer/producer Alan Sulkin is ONE OF US!


  1. Awesome clip. I love Sarah. It's not just what she says - which itself is hot and funny. It's her timing. She has amazing timing. And those facial expressions. I wish I had a little more Sarah in me. And a hand shaped bruise on my bum to match!

  2. Yes, I was a fan long before she was "fucking Matt Damon". Love, love, love her.

  3. I would love to spank Sarah Silverman, on her bare 'tushy'. A dozen whacks with my hand upon that voluptous bare derriere of hers, would just be perfect.


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